Pedestrian Struck by a Vehicle in Fortuna


A woman struck by a vehicle sits in the crosswalk waiting for an ambulance. [Photo by Tony Perez]

At approximately 4:20 p.m., a black pickup hit an older woman in Fortuna, says witness Tony Perez who provided the above photo. An ambulance was responding.



  • The city of Fortuna needs to evaluate the importance of installing speed humps in it’s high traffic district.

  • Last time it was a LEO who hit a woman and child. Why does every person need a vehicle in this world? The pedestrians have the right of way!!

    • Yes they do , but hey also need to look both ways and be cautious because there are no bumpers on your body. Too many people look straight ahead and meander slowly across crosswalks expecting that the white lines will save them

  • Just an observation here. The clothing worn by the woman struck by the truck is wearing colors that blend in with the colors of the crosswalk rather well. At least in the photo. A distracted driver may not have seen her because there was not enough contrast to draw the eye. We don’t need speed bumps. We need people to pay attention to the front. Stuff like this will happen at all speeds as long as there is a human behind the wheel.

    • What about the man(a very good friend of mine) in a power wheelchair who got hit by a vehicle while crossing the street in Rio Dell and later passed away at the hospital? You mean to tell me my friend was wearing the wrong color clothes that’s why he got hit? That’s b*%; s&#:t!!!!

      • I didn’t say ANYTHING about your friend. An observation is not an opinion. Another observation is that the little brightly colored flags that were put at a crossing in Fortuna for the pedestrians to carry so they were highly visible, lasted about ten minutes.

    • Pay Attention When Driving

      You hit the nail on the head, “A distracted driver”. Enough said.

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