Measure Z Funding Increases Boots on the Ground for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

Press release provided by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

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Sgt. Greg Allen on the left, Sheriff Mike Downey in the center and Sgt. Tony Gomes on the right.

Sheriff Mike Downey is pleased to announce the swearing in ceremony for (2) two newly promoted Sergeants for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The two new Sergeants are; Tony Gomes who has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 12 ½ years and Greg Allen, who has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 2/1/2 years with a total of 21 years in Law Enforcement. Sergeant Gomes will work patrol in the Hoopa/ Willow Creek area and Sergeant Allen will work patrol out of the Sheriff’s Office in Eureka.

These two Sergeants are the direct results of Measure Z funding too increase the staffing levels for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. There are currently (5) five new Deputy Sheriff’s, who are in the Field Training Program. Once these five Deputy Sheriff’s complete their training program they will be added to patrol staffing levels. Additional (3) three more Deputy Sheriff’s will be hired by the end of August to go through the Field Training Program.



  • I’m glad to see we will have more Boots on the Groind but the need would be deminished if some more funding went for mental health, serious tetoxification and rehabilitation.

  • Look out for more boots in the groin. Gonna kick you where it hurts.

  • Tony Gomes is a real good man. Im glad he is employed by this county

  • Sergent’s Not officers? Typical they should have told us the funding was for cops and prosecutors . It would have never passed . Next up a new Jail that downy is trying to procure .He will use more arrests and with the new prosecution staff .He will reapply for a new Jail .Typical humboldt county good ol boy funding scam

  • Remember Downy has under his authority officers who smuggled drugs into the jail ,killed a woman drunk driving on a motor cycle ,blew off a little girls had with illegal fire works . Corruption in the good ol boy network .None of these officers would ever pass the chp screening . The number 10 most dangerous job being a cop #10 not as dangerous as they make you believe

  • Downey IS corrupt. He is only pretending to care about the public and suddenly promoting people and posting job listings because the public has grown sick of his neglect. We need to vote him out. he is killing our economy and let our people be robbed blind. He is all about publicity. trying to make him self look like a hot shot cop busting the growers. downey is a hack.

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