Deceased Named in Laytonville Stabbing Attacks, More Information Provided

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and the individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Mendocino SheriffOn 7/19/2015 around 12:46 AM the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) received a 911 call from the 46000 Block of South Meadow Lane in Laytonville California.  This call was made by a female juvenile who was trying to summon aid to the location.  Within a short period of time a male, later identified as Talen Barton, took over the call and a lengthy conversation ensued. In this conversation the Barton admitted to stabbing four people in the home with two of these persons being deceased and the other two needing medical aid for life threatening wounds.  A MCSO Dispatcher obtained driving directions and as responding deputies arrived, talked the suspect into placing the knife down and exiting the residence where he surrendered without incident.

After securing the suspect, deputies made a protective sweep of the residence.  In the downstairs area of the house they located two female juveniles, a 54 year old female and a 52 year old male.  Both adults had suffered multiple life threatening stab wounds to the neck and chest.  Upstairs the deputies located 52 year old Coleman Palmieri and his 17 year old son Teo Palmieri, both deceased.  Both appeared to have suffered multiple stab wounds about the neck and chest.

Medical aid was summoned and responding members of Laytonville Fire and Cal Fire responded to provide aid.  Both adult victims were transported via air ambulance to nearby trauma centers, one to Redding Mercy Hospital and the second to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

MCSO learned the surviving adults in the home were siblings with the adult male and his daughter recently arriving from Canada to visit family members and to attend a local summer camp for youth.  The two surviving juveniles (cousins) were later taken into protective custody by Child Protection Services until they could be placed with other family members.  The Canadian authorities were notified of the incident and have been working with MCSO and CPS to make notifications as well as reunification efforts.

The suspect was reported to have been in the foster placement system and had been living with the family on Meadow Lane for over a year.  It is unknown if he was “officially” placed with the family by a Child Protective Services Agency.  The family was described by many had “having taken him (suspect) in” and trying their best to make a home for him as well as recently trying to help him get enrolled in college in Humboldt County.

The suspect admitted to being a heavy marijuana user but denied using any other controlled substances.  There were no other controlled substances found at the scene.

At this time there is no clear motive for the attacks.  The investigation is continuing and MCSO is requesting anyone with pertinent information to contact the Sheriff’s Office Detectives Division at (707)463-4111 or the tip line at (707)234-2100.

Victim #1:
Name: White Female
Age: 54
City/State: Laytonville CA

Victim #2:
Name: White Male
Age: 52
City/State: St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

Victim #3:
Name: White Female
Age: 15
City/State: St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

Victim #4:
Name: White Female
Age: 14
City/State: Laytonville, CA

Victim #5:
Name: Coleman Palmieri
Age: 52
City/State: Laytonville, CA

Victim #6:
Name: Teo Palmieri
Age: 17
City/State: Laytonville, CA


TalenSuspect #1:
Name: Talen Barton
Age: 19
City/State: Laytonville, CA

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  • I suppose there’s a remote chance it’s a false confession and somebody else did it, and they aren’t telling us anything pertinent in their investigation so as not to prejudice a jury….

    I guess I can just stuff my need to know what brought this on.

  • The Press Democrat has a pretty detailed article. One victim is a doctor at Long Valley Medical Clinic.

  • I must have given up googling for more info before the PD piece was posted. Thanks for the link. That helped a little.

    What rattled me the most was the look of elation creeping out of that zombie-like mug shot. I said immediately that he looked higher’n a kite… but I didn’t mean pot. I didn’t even mean drugs of any sort necessarily. I meant it’s not exactly blankness staring out from that image. He’s on the verge of looking outright pleased there.

    I was thinking about it all night last night and I think maybe I’d even begun to hope it was something like bath salts…. It’s so, so, SO awful… and no one left alive from that house and probably at least one other will ever be relieved of the trauma. I feel certain everything will be done to help all of them because, despite lots of squabbling, we all love each other, but this…..

    Oh… there aren’t words. It’s so heartbreaking.

  • Why would they mention the pot?

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