Assault Victim in Garberville Medevacked to Santa Rosa

Helicopter At approximately 12:30 p.m. today, scanner traffic indicated that an individual had been assaulted in or near the Blue Room, a bar located on the main street in Garberville.

A helicopter is currently medevacking the injured party to Santa Rosa. According to scanner traffic, the victim has both external and internal injuries.

UPDATE July 20: Terri Klemetson from KMUD writes, “The Humboldt county sheriff’s office says they are investigating an assault that happened in Garberville this weekend. According to initial reports, on Saturday afternoon deputies were called to the 700 block of Locust Street just before 12:30 in the afternoon to the report of a disturbance. HCSO says a 37 year old Asian male was reportedly in an altercation of some kind with a female which led to other witnesses getting involved and the male running away, falling and hitting his head which rendered the man unconscious. Medical personnel were called to the scene behind the Blue Room. The sheriff’s office said they are investigating and want to hear from witnesses. Anyone with information can stop by the Garberville substation or call 707-445-7251”

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  • How sad. Hope all involved get healthy.

  • I came into town shortly after all of this happened. I passed by at least 7 law enforcement vehicles. I started asking people what happened and got various answers. I’ll give you the rumors.

    Some say that a man was beating and hitting a woman, a child was in the fray, frontier justice was applied to the woman beater. Several people needed medical attention. At least one person was medevaced. I have no idea who was involved.

    It gave me a good feeling that the cops are doing a good job, I’m grateful that they still take violence seriously. I’m looking forward to hearing the REAL story. Please keep us informed if you can Kym

    • E…pretty much the same story I heard second hand from the flower shop. Sounded like it started at the town square .

  • That would be at the “town square”. Ya, let’s make it bigger..NOt!¡!
    fyi.. the blue room was closed when all this occurred.

  • I hope she’s ok.No man ever has the right to lay hands on a women.or child.and I really hope no child was hurt.praying for them

  • It was so Lord Of The Flies-ish.

  • I’m in NO WAY excusing the assualt on any woman or child, and absolutely step up say something. If you are not able to stop the aggression through verbal means the local police need to be contacted. AND if necessary attempt to stop the offender (as long as your safety is not comprimised, or you have others helping as well to end the situation)
    What I cannot condone or accept is violence in any context against objects, animals, & esp. another human spirit.
    This obviously becomes more than a mere intervention when 6, 7, 8, or possibly up to 10 individuals decide they are going to level judgment and punishment and in a matter of 3min. possibly 7min. now pumped up on “Mob Mentality” beat and violently take it far beyond protecting another. Suddenly it’s too late to change even the last 60 seconds of time. Now this man, this human being is laying in an alley literally bludgeoned, unresponsive his skull possibly crushed and blood flowing into a pool around him. Oh and might I also add at least 2 or 3 then attempted to relieve him of the contents of his pockets before they scattered like roaches when the amblance siren peeled up Redwood. back to that group of aprox. 30 (dogs not included) and their occupation of 3/4 of the town square for the remainder of the day.

    • Well it sounds like the people who intervened are just a pack of wild dog sh*t looking for a reason to beat kill and rob someone….good lord it seems there every where and not easy to recognize… god help us

    • So what actually happened was from what I saw dude tried grabbing a child from a van the mother tried to stop him and got punched repeatedly in the face the father froze up. So a group of homeless kids stepped in and stopped the dude from hitting the mother and got the dude away from the family. Then dude yelled for his “homes” to get his gun then ran towards his truck where he had a silver pistol that his friends later retrieved from there the homeless kids disarmed him and ran away no one tried running his pockets as you would call it.

  • Perhaps it’s time to consider ripping out the “town square” and turning it back into the useful parking lot it used to be.
    Who owns that property?

  • Just wanted to put it out there that the Blue Room WAS closed. .We were at our beloved Boss lady’s memorial. And since law enforcement won’t help clean up our town I feel is up to us. It’s getting worse every year. What if no one stepped in to help that girl & child? Then what could of happened to them?

  • The town square did not have anything to do with this horrible situation. It wasn’t even at the town square! Jeez, the things people choose to have issues with! The creepy mob attack happened somewhere around the garages behind the blue room. I could hear the screams from my flower shop, and saw a bunch of people running towards the sounds. I thought it was a dog fight, boy how chilling to find out what it really was.


    • I’m sorry and I stand corrected, he IS NOT DEAD but, in very serious condition as stated. I received misinformation and in a state of shock redistributed what I was told. Again I apologize for posting that he had passed.

  • I agree turn it back into parking It’s full of homeless people who don’t bother to even find a private corner to pee. Not to mention if you don’t smoke pot you can’t go there and remain uneffected. It is not the nice thing some people were wanting.

  • No I heard he did not died. He was in a very critical condition and is now awake!!!!!

  • I’m no Einstein, but there’s a thing called common sense. Who would attempt to kidnap a child in the middle of a town, in broad daylight, with the mother there?!?!?! Where is the mother now? Where is the victim’s “homie”? How come his homie didn’t help, called for help, or shoot the attackers? Sounds like some of these commenters fell off a stupid tree and hit every single branch on the way down. If you’re going to make up a story to cover up, at least be intelligent about it. What the police and investigators need are FACTS, not rumors.

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