Photos from Today’s Fire in Orleans Where Locals Were Evacuated Due to Chemical Fumes

Today, several residents of the Orleans area were evacuated as hazardous fumes spread from a residential fire off of Ishi-Pishi Road. A private company reportedly had tented the two story home and was fumigating it when for unknown reasons it caught fire. (See earlier story here.)

Multiple fire departments as well as the US Forest Service, Cal Fire, the Office of Emergency Services and various environmental agencies were called to the scene.

or air cal fire

Aerial view provided by Cal Fire.

or an fire2

Fire from a distance. [Photo provided by Angela McLaughlin]

 or an fire 3

The blaze produced a large amount of toxic smoke which made firefighting dangerous. [Photo provided by Angela McLaughlin.]

or an fire

The structure was located in a wooded area. [Photo provided by Angela McLaughlin.]

or an copter

Helicopter targets the burning home with a load of water. [Photo provided by Angela McLaughlin.]



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