Mike Dronkers: Moving on to KHSU

1975022_10155449066290182_3994589392716571531_nToday, Mike Dronkers slides from his radio stage at KHUM in Ferndale. In a week or so he’ll start immersing himself at his new job at Humboldt State University. In between, he’ll do a little backpacking. And we’ll all do a little grieving. His distinctive voice and his sweet nature won’t be gone though, he’ll just be working behind the scenes more.

Mike’s been a part of the good news of Humboldt since he started in radio 18 years ago. From encouraging the local live music scene to fostering the massive litter cleanups that have occurred this last year, Mike works at creating a better, more beautiful community.

Mike won’t be on the air as much at his new job (though he will be working with KHSU.) “I’ll be out of the spotlight,” he said. “I’m kind of excited about that.” He says that he doesn’t know yet precisely what he’ll be doing. But, he says, HSU gave “me a list of potential things I could do and I wanted to do all of them.” The official title is Digital Communications Coordinator but the specific details aren’t spelled out yet.

Whatever it is, we know Mike and we know one thing, he’ll be working to make the world in general and Humboldt in particular a community to be proud of.

“I like doing good things that make the world a better place,” Mike admits. Dang, we’re lucky to have him around even if he isn’t speaking to us in our living rooms as much as before.

Love you, Mike. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this new opportunity!


PS Can’t get enough of Mike? Listen to KMUD’s excellent piece on his departure here.



  • Way to go Mike. Free at last. You are a giver no doubt about it.
    Thank You

    • Progressive Pete

      I think he still is employed by the same guy. Patrick Cleary is President of Lost Coast Communications. I believe he is also interim general manager of the University’s radio station, KHSU-FM.

  • Tis better to have listened and lost than never listened at all.
    Mike was always my go to voice when the fog lasted too long or I needed a happy voice to clean the kitchen to or if I wanted to unexpected find myself laughing or learning something new. His leaving feels like the best neighbor on the block is moving away. Best of luck Mr. Dronkers and thanks for all good vibes.

  • Mike is one of the several positives that were on my list that made me move here several years ago.

    Thanks for what you do Mike.

    Good luck, keep at it!

  • mike and cliff should both go back to where they came from .

  • Well son of a gun, Mike, I’ll really miss you on my dewalt speakers, strapped to my four wheeler, cruising mendo mountains. My lady always called you my boyfriend, because I love you so much! YEEEAAAH BUDDY!!!

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