CaptureInformation from the California State Water Resources Control Board:

Notice is hereby given that the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, North Coast Region in coordination with the State Water Resources Control Board (Water Boards), will hold a public informational meeting on the Sproul Creek Watershed Inspections that occurred on January 21-23, 2015.
When: Monday, July 20, 2015, 5:30 pm -7:30 pm
Where: Redwood Playhouse College of the Redwoods Garberville Campus 286 Sprowel Creek Road, Garberville, CA
Meeting Purpose: The purpose of the meeting is to provide an opportunity for agency personnel, Sproul Creek landowners, and the public to discuss the watershed inspections in Sproul Creek, the current condition in that watershed, and the path forward. Agency personnel will be available to address questions about the effort, listen to public comments and gather input on efforts to address environmental impacts in the watershed from cannabis cultivation.
Background: As part of a statewide pilot cannabis regulation and enforcement initiative, the Water Boards and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife are identifying subwatersheds with critical water resources and inspecting private parcels with cannabis cultivation throughout the watersheds to evaluate site conditions, water use and storage features, and potential threats to water quality. They identified Sproul Creek watershed as a high priority for watershed-wide inspections because it supports relatively stable populations of three federally endangered salmonid species and it went dry last summer for the first time on record.
Meeting Agenda: The structure of the meeting will be as follows:
5:30-6:40 • General introduction of the panel and agenda • Presentations by panelists: o California Department of Fish and Wildlife o North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board o State Water Resources Control Board Division of Water Rights • Introduction of local governmental and non-profit organizations with interest in the watershed
6:40-7:30 • Questions, Comments, and Input from Public • Closing Remarks

For questions or comments about the public meeting, please contact Adona White at 707-576-2672 or or Yvonne West at 916-322-3626 or



  • FWIW, they can be found in the big UN agenda too, starting officially in 1999 I believe it was.

  • Very nice to see a born and raised lady working on this. Thank you Adona!!!!
    Am interested to hear if regs will depend on rainfall totals, ie now is horrible drought but sounds like a very wet winter heading our way, so will rules on pumping etc vary by rainfall amounts or size of rivers? Maybe in a drought year no pumping allowed after march, or in wet year maybe until may.

  • My fwiw post was deleted? Before considering info as inappropriate, it’s helpful to research first. This podcast discusses the Sierra Club, water boards, local gov, and how the wool gets pulled over eyes. I hope you don’t delete it, because it is extremely important not only for the citizens but the local boards to know the info.

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