[UPDATE 9:14 a.m.] Large Law Enforcement Presence in Twin Trees Area


We have multiple reports of a large law enforcement presence in Southern Humboldt near the Twin Trees area south of Benbow. There are reports of a plane circling since 5:30 a.m., a military style helicopter circling since 6 a.m. and a caravan of unmarked black Chevy pickups/SUVs heading into the area. There is also a large gathering off of Hwy 101 on the old highway of unmarked vehicles, moving vans, a utility truck, communications van(?) etc.

11739561_10204375721015034_551559343_nUPDATE 8:06 a.m.: 


UPDATE 9:14 a.m.: According to KMUD, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office said this raid was the FBI serving a search warrant.



  • Sounds like a busy day on nearby Reed Mountain. And for those who complain about announcements like this of impending law enforcement activity being an early warning to growers to leave the premises to avoid arrest—just remember that whenever a plane and helicopter are circling a rural neighborhood at sunrise the element of surprise is gone for the cops long before someone reads it on Kym’s blog or hears it on KMUD. Everyone who lives in the hills knows the sound of aircraft means three things: a wildfire or a pot raid or PG&E is having the power lines inspected. After several decades of CAMP helicopter surveillance the sound of a chopper flying in search mode is embedded in grower’s DNA alerting them to impending danger to themselves and their crop.

  • damn Blackhawk helicopter woke me up at 6 has been circling for over two hours now what a way to spend money we don’t have. on the other hand I bet the Bulgarians are pissing their tracksuits;-)

  • Hope they got their work exchange visas ready, Bulgarians blowing up the neighborhood. Nobody wants them out here, send them back to bulgaria!


    Why do people seem to have the need to move weed in uhauls? Seems even the occupation does it, too.

    Pretty funny!

    • You should be on 101 after midnight on any given night there’s usually a convoy of UHauls heading south & horse trailers with nary a horse in sight. I wonder what they’re transporting. Let think. Hmmmmm…..

  • Uti…I remember helicopter syndrome. Its when your heartbeat syncs with the beat of rotor blades and your stomach amplifies the feeling.

  • So, do they have any “post Traumatic Stress” relief for Helicopteritis. I am a technology nut and love helicopters. Helicopters and bumble bees aren’t supposed to fly, but anybody that ever watched a maple seed helicopter to the ground knows better.

    My grandmother had a maple tree in her front yard when I was a kid. A strong wind in the fall would make it look like a squadron of helicopters were flying away from it.

  • Good Memories for me too on the Maple trees in the fall. Thanks Ernie! 🙂

  • Good memories for me too on Maple Trees growing up in CANADA!!! EH??. Great segway from Pot;Cops;Bulgarians…to Maple seed helicopters. Awesome !! made my day!!!

  • Helicopter syndrome was hardest on little kids in the hills… I can remember seeing children screaming in fear as CAMP raided the neighborhood… My Vietnam veteran friends also had a visceral reaction…

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  • This is so funny. I was heading back from Ukiah yesterday and saw all the Sheriffs’ rigs heading north amongst so many Uhauls. I remember thinking, “Either the property value in Humboldt just fell through the floor, or there is some correlation here.” Incognito or lack of vehicles?

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