FBI Raid Drops Cannabis Crumb Clues

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has confirmed they are “participating in  a search” in Humboldt. Because it is an ongoing investigation, the spokesperson said, they are not yet ready to release more information.

Here’s what we little we do know:

  • There were multiple unmarked, black vehicles seen heading north around Confusion Hill about 5:30 a.m.
  • There were multiple reports of a plane buzzing the area by Twin Trees Bridge starting around 5:30 a.m.
  • There were multiple reports of a military style helicopter in the area around 6 a.m.
  • Numerous vans, trucks, etc. were seen staged near the Eel River south of Benbow near Twin Tree’s bridge by 7:30 a.m.
  • A caravan of law enforcement vehicles, mostly unmarked, went up a dirt lane known as Twin Trees Road  (see red dot on map for approximate location of entrance. The road itself is miles long.)CaptureOne driveway was blocked by law enforcement.
  • Capture

    California Highway Patrol blocked one driveway on Twin Trees Road. [Photo provided by Misty Carrico]

  • KMUD’s Terri Klemetson pointed out that the helicopter flying around was a Pave Hawk helicopter used by the Air Force. She described the aircraft as having an “Air Force helicopter & crew & 2 “special ops” men.” (See post below for photos.)

  • A similar helicopter and crew was part of a multi-part FBI raid last year. That raid has never been explained. [See here for great photos.]
  • And, last but not least, we know the raid had something to do with marijuana. How do we know that? By the trail of droppings that Hansel and Gretel FBI agent left behind…

20150715_131112 (1)

Marked and unmarked law enforcement vehicles leaving Twin Trees Road. [Remaining photos all by Misty Carrico.]





Apparently, they want to find their way back next time…


Earlier Chapter: Large Law Enforcement Presence in Twin Trees Area



  • That’s a good one Kym!

  • On one end that is hilarious. On another, someone is having a terrible day.
    Only on the north coast does law enforcement leave with a trail of pot plants in their wake.
    Or just possibly they were ditched in the escape from Red Mountain! Nah Not likely.

  • It’s “Reed” mountain road, not Red. Google maps got it wrong. Red Mountain Road is south of Piercy a few miles.

  • Someone should cite them for illegal dumping.


    Maybe it was THEM who did the Rio Dell dump? They may have dumped and cruised up the road to the EEL RIVER BREWERY? They do have good food and the beer is great! If we find any broken ERB bottles or a half full growler along the road, we’ll know for certain.

  • My guess is they got that guy that clear cut the forest to put those seven 60′ greenhouses you see on Google Maps.

  • Maybe the in ground swimming pool and lots of greenhouses on the same parcel pissed them off. On a for real note, why is it the out of country folks blowing up huge scenes, threatening neighbors with violence and shooting automatic weapons rarely, get busted?

    • There is always that crowd that shows up and think that shooting guns all the time “scares” the neighbors. Idiots.

  • Da plane, da helicopter, all those vehicles and the rented trucks made this event a colossal waste of tax dollars. Think about how many gallons of gas and fuel were burned today for these cops to do their drug war tango. Now they have to dispose of the plants they heisted except for the ones that got away. Poor things, ripped out of their happy soil and then left out there on the hot pavement to die. Cruel and unusual punishment for innocent girl plants. Plants have feelings too you know 😉

    • Sooooo much waste!!!! Arent helicopters thousands of dollars an hour to run?
      There have been some great articles lately about finally looking to limit police seizures, highly recommend looking it up.
      Who is there to police the police??? The fbi are notoriously bad, walking all over civil rights with their bible ‘the patriot act’, thx Bush2!
      It is out of control and they know they may just have a few more years to pump up their budgets, auctions, & (gasp) the $ and objects they each pocket in these raids. I wish they would go after the out of country folks too!

    • #PlantLivesMatter

  • it’s illegal for (even the FBI) to bring the Air Force (any military) into a raid on civilians. Un Constitutional.

  • The FBI; The Border Folks all have the “military style” helicopter’s; but they are ordered specific built for each agencies requirements. They are NOT military equipment. They are the base models so too speak.

    The one the FBI used is possibly the “HH-60G Pave Hawk” It’s the FBI SWAT type helicopter used by The FBI division special weapons & tactics team.

    CAL Fire; and LA County Fire use the same type of helicopter in fire fighting configuration. The Coast Guard use’s a variant of the same said Helicopter on the coast every day. The chopper you saw today down there was probably from the FBI-DEA-TACTICAL-HELICOPTER-SECTION-RAID-DRUG-ENFORCEMENT Wing. (see below)

  • Good job on the spot reporting. I am happy to see someone take it to the next ” constitutionally guaranteed ” level of citizen participation.

  • Flight of the Vakeries baby!

  • This was on Twin Trees Road not Reed Mountain Road… Right…?

    • that’s right and all these resources were dedicated to busting a very small( in comparison )grow I would be surprised if they got more than a thousand plants and as you can see by the pictures they were all about a foot tall because they just miss the first harvest. on top of that they drove by Hooper after Hooper after Hooper along the side of the raod that the Bulgarians have put up in the last couple of years,what a f****** joke. although the scuttlebutt on the hill is they managed to get one violent felon with a warrant and it sounds like flash bangs were utilized? another ironic thing that cop in the picture was parked literally about 50 yards away from another sizable grow that’s completely visible from the road yet was left untouched.

  • Yes funny how the person got the property to clear cut it sell the water rights and my woods that I loved vary much.if anyone out there would really like to know. What is going on and why no ones property is safe. Think u know the truth¿???. Who was behind this rapping of are beautiful Humboldt we live in. I have a live video with voices of a group that is f cking us to death. Anyone anytime just talk to me and see for yourself my name randy Harmon work at ave cafe Miranda. You’ll love are law after seeing this video. Not.

  • Thank you Kim because it seems like its big cover up to me

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