Another Fire Scorches Vegetation Near Weitchpec

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 7.51.29 PM

Are you keeping track of all of the recent vegetation fires in that area?

Cal Fire spokesperson Laura Coleman is alerting us to another vegetation fire in the Weitchpec area today. Coleman tells us the fire is a small vegetation fire that is about “1/4 acre” in size. The fire has been contained at this point.

The Weithpec and Pecwan areas, which are less than 20 miles apart, have had a series of fires in the past few weeks, as we noted yesterday.  We’ll repost links to the recent fires below.

Recent fires in the area:



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  • Nothing new. Between Pecwan, Weitchpec and Hoopa there is a start every week if not multiple times a week. Got so bad fire crews had to spray paint the road to ID the old starts from the new ones.
    Gonna be a reckoning if and when a first responder get hurt or worse going to these pocket lightning fires.

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