Zenia Bluff Road Closing Now

Humboldt CountyDenton Carrick of Humboldt County Public Works alerted us that Zenia Bluff Road is now being shut down (as of now 9:40 a.m. Tuesday)  A culvert is being replaced.

The road, he says, will be closed at mile marker 1.82 and will remain closed until 1:30 or 2 p.m. today. Please avoid the area.



  • Ok, Humboldt County Public Works, a bit more notice would be useful. I use the Zenia Bluffs road to get to Redding, Weaverville, and Red Bluff for courts and would need 24 hours advance notice to reroute so I could still get there on time. No problem this time, but that’s just luck of the draw.

    • Wrong Way Willy

      Ed, why couldn’t you just go take the alternate route – Hoaglin-Peak road to Zenia then to HWY 36? It’s a bit further, but not that much.

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