[UPDATE 10:25: Armed Shooter on the Run] Shooting Near Ruth Lake, One Believed Dead

CaptureReports from multiple sources indicate that one victim is dead and at least one more victim is wounded following a shooting near the small town of Mad River northwest of Ruth Lake.

We have a call in to the Trinity Sheriff’s Office and will be updating when we can.

UPDATE 10:25 p.m.: According to North Coast News TV, one person has been taken out of the area for medical treatment in addition to the one dead reported earlier.

According to CHP dispatch, a black Mercedes-Benz belonging to one of the victims was taken and involved in an accident about 12 miles east on Hwy 36 from where the shootings took place. The crash was reported a little after 6 p.m. about a mile west of Forest Glen.

According to North Coast News TV, Trinity County Sheriff Deputies said from there “the suspect took off on foot. Deputies said they’ve alerted citizens to be on alert as they do consider the suspect armed and dangerous.”


Photo courtesy of North Coast News TV

Read more at the North Coast News TV site.



  • Does any body know Trinity county sheriff Scanner frequency

  • Is there an update I have multiple people I know up there.

    • The Trinity Co. Sheriff’s Office is difficult to get a response from, especially during non standard hours. So, no, unfortunately, I don’t have an update. I do not know if the shooter has been arrested or not.

      • My understanding is now that suspect fled the scene heading east on Highway 36 buT lift that car near forest glen and it’s my
        Understanding the suspect could be anywhere in that area including Hellgate campground and lower Rattlesnake Creek Road a back road to Trinity pines subdivision


          Or into Indian Valley and from there you can spend a day on a quad and make it to Arcata.

          The problem is these are areas that TCSO is afraid to go into without feds and large numbers of foot soldiers. We never did find out what happened with the T-Pines sniper that was making TCSO run away, and not come back. Does anyone know how that story ended, or did it?

          Also, what’s up with the throat slash lawsuit?

      • No arrest yet. Heard on base station radio that shots were fired in the vicinity of Forrest Glen. Dead is Steven Line Sr. Someone named Markus shot in the back (injured person) flown to Weaverville. Suspect driving vehicle wrecked it near Forrest Glen and is now on foot.

        • If he was flown to weaverville it would mean he’s going to have a very good chance at survival because if it was serious they would’ve flown him to trauma one in Redding could should be good news in finding out what happened here

          • LAZY SKUNK RANCH

            Prolly a typo. Weaverville isn’t even a hospital, Krause has prolly killed more people than this shooter.

        • Flown to Weaverville. Holly crap. Lol

        • It would be best for u too keep my sons dads name out of ur mouth and off ur posts. Markus is none of ur business and my son doesn’t know About his dad yet. [edit]

          • So sry for your loss

          • There is a lot of us who know Marcus and are thankful for the updates I have known him since I was 6 and he is like family to me and I appreciate the up dates. And his son should know and maybe go see him.

          • Paula Fabrizi Kiely

            Fallon: I am Scott’s mother, Scott shot Marcus and I am very very sorry about this. After almost 3 yrs I just found out who Marcus is. Scott committed suicide in the woods after stealing and crashing up
            Steven Line’s car. He must of realized what he did and put that very same gun to his own head. His body was found for 2 weeks after the shooting. I live in CT, Scott is from CT, his family and I are very very upset and angry at what he has done. He left a very bad trail of abuse and crime since leaving CT in 2006. Scott left a very young son behind in Red Bluff, CA. Scott’s remains are here in CT and buried. Scott has had mental problems since the age of 7, his father rejected him and left us from day Scott was born and Scott could not accept this. It left him very mentally unstable. He left CT in 2006 after committing several robberies to support his severe drug habit, he had 5 warrants here in CT. He even robbed me and my significant other, Jim. I would like to send out my sincerest condolences to you and your family and the Line family for my son’s actions. I am still in shock after 2 1/2 years and never would thought that he would do a thing like this, Scott was petrified of guns, he hated them. He must of been high when he did this act. I wish that Marcus would contact me in Facebook, I need to know some things. My name if Paula Fabrizi Kiely, pls have him contact me, I need closure. I know that Marcus put a roof over Scott’s head. I am very disgraced by Scott’s actions, but then again I have to remember that Scott was very very mentally ill and refused any kind of help. When this act happened, he was on the run from the law. While in Red Bluff, he was on a jail monitoring bracelet and released to house arrest and was expected to go to work. Scott cut off the bracelet and ran to Mad River. I need to know what happened in that trailer that day, I need closure. Thanks !!

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  • Trinity Hospital Does not Receive helicopter patients. He would of been flown to a trauma level hospital.

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  • The suspect, Scott DiMartino, is deceased. After crashing the Mercedes Benz, he ran into the woods and took the gun and committed suicide. His remains were found by one of the investigators on July 27, 2015. Scott’s body was cremated and ashes sent home to his mother in Connecticut, that is Scott is from originally. He is buried here in CT. I know all of this because I am his mother and I received his ashes. Scott was very mentally ill and severely drug dependent. His life was filled with sad situations starting at very young age. I am so sorry for the Line family on your loss. I am sorry for Marcus and his family on his injury. Pls forgive my son, the drugs that he took made him a monster. This is not the Scott that I knew and gave birth to. He left a very young son in Red Bluff, CA. Steven Line and Scott rest in peace and make peace with each other.

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