[Photos Added] Motorcycle VS Vehicle on Hwy 1, Road Blocked


Red marker indicates approximate location of the accident.

Dispatch is reporting that a motorcycle and a vehicle have collided near Leggett on Hwy 1 at approximately 6:30 p.m. The road is blocked. The vehicle is reported to be a Chevy Sonic four door sedan. The motorcycle is a Harley Davidson. An ambulance is responding to the scene.


Both photos by Pamela Robinson.



UPDATE 9:03 p.m.: Motorcyclist being airlifted to Redding hospital.



  • That’s an evil stretch of road. Deadly combination of white-knuckled tourists and impatient locals and seriously bad visibility out of bubble cars on an outrageously narrow and curvy road. This airbags in every conceivable spot inside a car thing has made it so there is a wide blind spot on tight left curves. It gives me baaaad heartburn every time I have to drive that road. Not as bad heading south as it is heading north, but it’s awful in either direction.

  • I’ve lived here all my life I suggest you slow down or learn how to drive the road is fine all roads aren’t 6 lanes.

  • I’ve lived on the coast highway all my life. Marin, MG Midget. Mendo, Prelude. DelNorte, CivicEX, aka bubble car. I finally understand why people in bubble cars go down from the speed limit to practically stopped around the turns. You can’t see what’s coming at you because the big wide space between windshield and driver’s side window for another airbag prevents it.

    It might actually be safer to go faster around those left curving turns — I don’t know — so there’s less time when you can’t see what the heck might coming the other way. The damage, here, looks to me like the guy on the pickle may have been straightening out a turn and caught the guy in the bubble car right when he couldn’t see this was happening… or he could but even stopping wouldn’t have prevented it.

    Or. Not. Maybe the bubble car was in the wrong lane trying to avoid dropping off the road into the trees and the poor guy on the bike couldn’t avoid him. Whatever. I just know there are two spots north of Santa Rosa you don’t want to be driving a bubble car. This one and the Hopland Grade.

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