Sheriff’s Organisation to Picket Bohn for Supervisor Campaign Kickoff

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Association press release:

Rex Bohn

Rex Bohn

EUREKA – Members of the Humboldt Deputy Sheriffs Organization (HDSO) and their supporters will picket outside the Rex Bohn campaign kickoff event Friday to voice their frustration that Supervisor Bohn is not working to adequately fund qualified and experienced deputies, sergeants, and investigators to cover Humboldt County’s 4,000 rugged square miles.
HDSO members were angered when Rex Bohn advertised his campaign kickoff on his website and falsely listed HDSO as an endorser of his re-election.  HDSO did support Rex Bohn when he ran for office in 2012 because Bohn promised to prioritize public safety and get more sheriff patrol coverage to the rural parts of his district and to Cutten.  However, after three years in office, HDSO members are upset with Bohn’s prioritization of the measure Z money because it is not adequate to keep enough qualified experienced deputies on patrol, especially in both Cutten and the rural areas in his district.

HDSO president Jamie Barney will be available for comment outside the event at 12:30.

WHO:             Humboldt Deputy Sheriffs Association and Supporters

WHAT:          Picket Outside of Rex Bohn Campaign Event

WHERE:       Redwood Fields, Cutten, Eureka, CA

WHEN:          12:30 p.m. Friday, July 10, 2015


Photo from Rex Bohn, First District Supervisor’s Facebook page.




    Wonder how many will be on the clock for this, or even getting overtime?

    Government unions are one of the most destructive things to the country and should be abolished. Eating from the plates of Property Owners under threat of force is a crime, and they should be ashamed of themselves for being traitors to the Nation.

    America was founded on FREE Property Rights, Property tax is THEFT and done under Coercion. Great shame on those that partake in the destruction of America.

  • Skunk is spot on.

  • Aw, pay your taxes.

  • Rex Bohn has to pay up to the Sheriff`s office, for the Sheriff`s part in endorsing Bohn and helping him get elected.
    That sounds fair to me. God knows we need more Law Enforcement in these troubled times. Also the argument that our tax dollars support the Sheriff is a good one. I believe the Sheriff owes the people of Humboldt freedom to grow there livelihood, as our tax dollars support the Sheriff. It is counter productive for the Sheriff to bust the tax payers that pay the bills here in Humboldt Co. Fair is Fair.

    • Right & if it wasn’t for what you were growing in those hills we might have significantly less crime. Black market enterprises do not attract law abiding citizens in hordes.

  • Traitors?
    Because they won’t bow down and kiss Rex’s cash anointed feet.
    If democratically organizing to press these politicians to keep their promises is an offence to your delicate senses perhaps you would find more peace in a theocracy or a military dictatorship.
    Unfortunately, for you, the oligarchy is not constitutionally enforceable.


      Don’t get me wrong….

      Rex is a traitor as well.

      ANYONE that feeds themselves from someone’s property under coercion isn’t an American.

      Real Americans make their own way and don’t force their neighbors to pay for things they may not want to purchase.

      The fastest way to Peace on Earth is to convince all the government workers to move to another planet. Peace will break out when the last government worker has left the party, and we as Humans can move on to doing bigger and better things.

      • Until the lion lies down with the lamb don’t be too sheepish to organize your community/peers to protect your mutual well being.
        Rest assured, predators will always form packs (pacs?) in pursuit of easy prey.
        If you have the courage and initiative to work with family/community/coworkers in the pursuit of peace, fairness and justice be prepared to be reviled as a bully, a leach and a traitor by those too ignorant or lazy to try.


      Traitors for running pyramid pension schemes on the backs of property owners. Just because someone is state sponsored doesn’t mean what they are doing is the moral or right thing to do.

      look at the hundreds of millions killed by government in the 20th century……the killers all worked for government and followed the laws of the oppressors.

      Don’t think you’ll get a free pass in front of your Creator, because the ‘just doing my job’ defense went out the window with Nuremberg.

      • As a land owner saddled with those onerous taxes you should hold a sense of gratitude for the millions killed by your government in the 19th century so you can claim to “own” said land . Do you think that kind of genocide is free?
        Political or governmental structures will never cease to exist as long as any 3 sentient beings need to coexist.
        Your aspersions are not sufficient to exonerate you from ignoring , permitting and benefitting from the crimes of your culture.
        If you are unwilling or unable to wrestle for control of those mechanism spare us your disdane as people of good faith try to correct the clear and lethal flaws in our culture.

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