Four Search Warrants Served in Blocksburg Yield 5091 Plants, Sheriff Office Sends Multiple Helicopters Looking for Marijuana Gardens

CaptureOn Tuesday, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office served four warrants due east of Blocksburg that yielded 5091 marijuana plants, said Lt. George Cavinta. And, he said, helicopters are out this week searching for more grows.

In Blocksburg, Cavinta said that the Department of Fish and Wildlife and Water Quality Board discovered numerous violations including un-permitted water tanks, diesel tanks and water usage.

In addition, Animal Services were called to deal with a dog “tethered between two trees with no food or water.” Cavinta stated he would be “very interested” in knowing who claimed the dog.

No suspects were located at any of the locations where warrants were served on Tuesday. All structures seemed uninhabited. “The living quarters were clear,” he said, with no sign of anyone currently staying in the buildings.

“We anticipate a further investigation,” Cavinta stated.

In addition, Cavinta said that no helicopter accompanied his crew to the sites on Tuesday as reported by a witness in the earlier story. However, he did say that multiple helicopters have been doing reconnaissance looking for marijuana grows this week–“mostly on public lands.”

He clarified that his office was unable to use Google Earth to get warrants for arrests in marijuana cases as the photos must have been taken in the 10 days prior to asking a judge for a warrant. Google Earth images, he said, were at least one year old.



  • Unpermitted water tanks? Why should you need a permit to have a water tank? I thought water storage was the preferred solution to summer drought depletion of the creeks and rivers.

  • Blocksburg covers a lot of ground. Do you know the name of the road?

    • I was told that the warrants were served on Alderpoint Road due east of Blocksburg.

      • I think the Alderpoint road runs north-south at Blocksberg. Do you think the warrants are on the Alderpoint side of town or the Bridgeville side? Are they in the Larrabie Subdivision?

        • Due east Ed, that would put them in the Church St area. There are also a couple of unmarked roads that go east across the street from Cemetary rd, ending up in the upper Church St area.

  • I’m starting to think the rumor’s true: cartel trespass grows are safer from law-enforcement than the locals on private land because the sheriff’s dept. isn’t going to raid any grows they can’t get to on a paved road. If they need to get out of their vehicles or go off road to get you – you’re safe.

  • Why is it ok for Goldeneye Eye Winery to build multiple unpermitted 49 acre feet ponds to avoid the rules that call for permits at 50 acre feet? Why does nobody calls out the Pinot Noir farmers for draining the Navarro River during a spring freeze that took the streams down to early summer levels?
    Why did they have to destroy tiny water storage facilities when Arrowhead Water has been violating a water use permit for 23 years while pumping millions of gallons per day in the San Bernardino Mountains?
    Tim Blake did everyone a dis service saying every cannabis plant uses 6 gallons per day. It is a widely quoted number used against us. Not everyone grows huge trees like Tim.
    Medical Cannabis does not grow itself.
    All law enforcement is doing by attacking those medical growers that are trying to go legit with water use is reward the black market type grows.
    Why doesn’t the sheriff go get a job where his world view is shared? He works in the Emerald Triangle, get over the pot and focus on meth and heroin.

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