Partially Nude Woman Tried to Evade Deputy and Three CHP Officers Yesterday

hcsoYesterday evening, a high speed pursuit ended in with a stolen vehicle rolling over. (See earlier story here.) Today, Lt. Dennis Young of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office provided the background story to the incident.

At 7:37 p.m., he explained, dispatch sent a deputy to investigate the report of a partially nude woman throwing sticks at “passing subjects” not far from Loleta near the corner of Eel River Drive and Copenhagen Road. Meanwhile, two drivers stopped their vehicles to see if the woman needed help. One of the good Samaritans believed that the nude woman was experiencing drug or mental health issues and left her vehicle to go warn elderly neighbors not to open their door should the woman knock.

While the driver was gone, a deputy with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office approached in his vehicle. This agitated the half naked female.

“The partially clothed woman jumped in the empty car,” said Young. In an effort to stop her, the driver of the other vehicle, a man, “jumped in the passenger seat.” However, when the woman put the car in drive, “the man jumped out.”

When the deputy drew near, the woman put the car in “reverse in an attempt to collide with the deputy” said Young. The deputy had to take evasive action.

The woman began driving northbound towards Table Bluff Road on Eel River Drive, said Young. Meanwhile, three California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers arrived in their vehicles and joined the deputy in pursuing the woman in the stolen vehicle.

At one point, the woman stopped and reversed towards one of the CHP vehicles and attempted to ram it. The officer driving also had to take evasive action to avoid being hit. Eventually, the woman attempted to make a U-turn, went off the bank, rolled the vehicle on its side and “lodged against a tree,” said Young.

The woman “kept trying to drive [the vehicle] while it was on its side,” Young explained. When the officers attempted to take her into custody, she fought back. “She hit one CHP officer and broke his sunglasses,” Young said.

Valerie Sue Robinson, age 42 from King Salmon, was eventually taken into custody though. Young says that the woman was charged with stealing a vehicle, resisting arrest in a violent manner, and assault with a deadly weapon (two times–because of the alleged attempts to ram the officers in their vehicles.)



  • I’m sure the good samaritan is full of self-recrimination that he failed to collect his keys and lock his vehicle. It was very thoughtful of him to to warn the elderly neighbors.

  • This story sounds fishy as heck, and why on earth, if the guy had the chutzpah to jump into the passenger seat, didn’t he just yank the keys out of the ignition before he jumped out?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Probably just didn’t think of it in the excitement of the moment. Your point is OK, but remember how fast things were moving and how easy it is to judge at leisure. No telling what weapon(s) she might have had, other than the vehicle itself. Oh, I see, she stole the samaritan’s vehicle. Beats me. I never leave keys in my rig for even five minutes. It’s like leaving a handgun out in the open as everybody found out.

      • Yeah, probably, but I don’t think I’d’ve jumped in with any other object in mind…. It may not even have occurred to him the keys were in it to begin with… maybe just hopped in to try to talk the woman down from whatever was agitating her, so you have a good point. Still, being pretty stubborn and given to containment of and happy resolutions to psychotic episodes in my vicinity, I would’ve gone for those keys no matter what.

  • The neighbors are not elderly and alerted the police.

  • No pictures?!?

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