Honeydew Fire in Photos

Rudi Weber, a local resident and photographer sent in these photos of today’s fire in Honeydew. (See here for earlier story.) At one point the blaze threatened a structure but fire crews managed to protect the building and contain the incident to approximately four acres.P7084499xP7084500 xP7084504x20150708_161353x20150708_161748x20150708_161849xhoney1honey2honey1320150708_162501x hooney12 honey11 honey10 honey9 honey3 honey6honey8honey7honey5honey420150708_161353x



  • Well at least it looks like the grows were saved. I mean greenhouses.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Very glad to know that the fire was contained. Thank you to all the fire-fighting personnel. No thank you to nasty commenters. No thank you to whatever careless act precipitated this potential disaster.

  • Rudi Thanks for the great photos.a big thank you to all the fire crews.great job!!

  • Those sure are some huge greenhouses, glad the home and its occupants were saved. I’ll bet they get a nice little visit from the other authorities real soon.

  • So glad to see no serious harm done…. I have not been back in a very long time but you always want everything to be OK in your hometown.

    • Shana,
      You are correct. Even though someone hasn’t been here in a while, it is still ‘home’. Glad you are keeping tags on the ‘Dew. And happier, too, that those hard working fire fighters will willing to respond so quickly.

  • Oh no those are Bulgarian green houses invisible to the Sheriffs and impervious to the Water Board. Note that this is the same property that the feds busted last year its been sold and replanted three times as big.

  • Great pics!

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