Vehicle Pursuit Ends in Accident Near Loleta

A high speed pursuit involving the Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol ended in an accident off Eel River Road between Table Bluff Road and Copenhagen Road. The driver of the vehicle tried various ways to avoid being taken into custody. A deputy said over the radio, “”[The] vehicle is continually stopping and driving forward.” The driver even attempted to ram at least one CHP vehicle.

At approximately 7:45 p.m the vehicle went off the road. Fire and medical were being paged but told to stage (to wait until law enforcement deemed the incident safe) before coming close.

Between two red dots is where the vehicle was said to have gone off the road.

Between two red dots is where the vehicle was said to have gone off the road.

UPDATE 8:01 p.m.: Medical cancelled.



  • If this was a woman in a silver Dodge Durango, we did witness her making a u-turn in front of the deputy and speed off. Our neighbor called the sheriff because the woman was not wearing a shirt and was peering into his house.

  • Is there any way to contact the sheriff’s office and get further details kym? I think people would like to know

    • the woman who was arrested has been hanging around our homes for several days. she peers into cars, tries to open car doors, looks into windows of homes, sits in front of the houses she is snooping at as though she lives there. very restless and seems very angry. i found out her name is valerie.

      she is always talking to someone that no one can see. sometimes arguing. i gave her a can of soda and asked her who she was looking for. she said something i could not make sense of, took the soda and then just glared at me like she was mad. i walked back home.

      on the 2nd day a cop was there for someone else and i think he took her someplace. she was back the next day.

      the 3rd day i asked her who she was looking for, and she asked me if i knew “shelia”. i told her i never met shelia but shelia was dead now. she said “jimmy jones killed her”. i agreed with her and she said she was looking for jimmy jones. i told her he was in jail. she then talked and didn’t make sense and i walked back into my house.

      it was the next evening i heard the sirens up the rd, turned out to be for valerie.

      this poor woman is ill and very distressed. i hope someone at sv can get her the help and follow-up services she needs.

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