Memorial: Nick LaRue AKA “King George”

Honoring our loved ones who have died does not end immediately after their passing. We, here at RB, recognize that… so we’re extending our obituary section to include individuals who may have left a long time ago. If you want to remember someone who is gone, please send a photo and a few sentences to Tell us why you would like to honor the person–is it their birthday, the date of their passing or someother date of significance to you.

On this day in 1986 Joanne & Phil LaRue gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. One of four sons, Nick loved his family, friends, Humboldt & girls 😉 Although he has not been with us physically for years, he remains with us in spirit. It would be impossible to ever forget such a charismatic & likable soul & thats why im writing this. He had friends that became family all the way up & down the Lost Coast. Many of us try to do things that he did, but fall short simply because u can’t top Perfection.  We love you & miss you Nick George LaRue. May we all meet with you again some day….
Much luv Cheddar Bob..



  • Jacquita Terrell

    Very well put Cheddar Bob! Never a day goes by that this guy’s smile doesn’t pop into my head…seems to be when I need it most too!

  • He had such a special smile! Such a cool guy, with so much love!

  • Props to Nick. He had a strong effect on many. Particularly on his fellow South Fork classmates. I know some who will never forgat.

  • SF Class of 03'

    I remember how much energy he had! I remember playing AAA football with him too. You won’t be forgotten.

  • I haven’t had the chance to meet the great Nick LaRue, but have met Cheddar Bob.

    Mc can make any body smile, laugh, or cry tears of joy. He truly cares about and loves his friends. He would give the shirt off his back, share his last meal with you, or roll up a ‘wood when your in need. I have heard him tell so many wonderful stories about Nick. How he could light up a room, how he had friends everywhere, how much he loved.
    Nick may not be with us, but his legacy continues on through all the lives of his many friends who have so much love for him and his family.

    Just hug any of of Nicks friends and your can feel the love.

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