High-Speed Pursuit in Eureka Area

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 6.11.38 PM

Scanner traffic indicates law enforcement officers are chasing a maroon PT Cruiser along Highway 255. The vehicle was going at about 100 miles per hour while being chased by law enforcement. We’re monitoring the scanner closely.

Update 6:13 P.M.: The vehicle is driving into oncoming traffic in the Eureka city limits.

Update 6:18 P.M.: The pursuit has been discontinued.

Update 6:24 P.M.: One person has just been taken into custody at an apartment complex.



  • I saw the chase happening over the Samoa bridge . Looked pretty crazy. Wondering what happened. Hope no one was hurt!

  • Saw the chase over Samoa bridge. Still wondering what was going on. Hope no one got hurt. It didn’t sound like the car ever stopped.

  • What a selfish thing to do,taking other people’s lives into your own hands.shame on you.sooo glad no one was hurt!

  • I know you’re based in Southern Humboldt County. Did Northern Humboldt County reporter’s scanners get jammed? Did something happen on the plaza? Did Andy Goff have other plans? Trouble on Table Bluff? They are usually so thorough with their reports….Gosh, Kym.. Where is Loco? ……I just noticed they piggy backed your report. Good work loco. Have a drink at the Palm, on Kym. Maybe someday you can take her class in “intro to blog journalism” …Y ‘ all need a refresher course. .

    • Ohh. Andy Gee? was ” reporting? “..on some National Enquirer type “news ” regarding naked archery. . Much more relevant than other stuff… Keep up the mediocre schlock; lost cause out put…That’s what you do best….

  • Funny how people complain about a free site, I knew it wouldn’t be long before the mean trolls discovered this site, ugh.

    • Sorry T. I never want to be characterized as a Negative creep. I heartily appreciate what Kym does for all parts of Humboldt County. My sarcastic diatribe was directed at loco in general, and Andy Goff in particular. I have a problem with his smarmy style. I resist looking at loco comments; they are mostly irrelevant to the post, and I wouldn’t waste words posting there. I agree that Kym’s forum is so much more civilized. I truly did wonder why Northern Humboldt ‘s “premier on line news source”didn’t post this car chase; whereas Kym in Redway did. Maybe I got carried away, but I just had to air my annoyance to the ether. That is my defense. Good birding, T……

      • Shameless Shill

        This is a good time to remind those using AdBlockPlus (or similar agents) to whitelist kymkemp.com so she can get a trickle of revenue to support her efforts. It’s easy to do!

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