[FOUND Totaled] BOLO: GMC Yukon 2003


Neighbors say the dogs were barking loudly and they heard a truck start up around 4 a.m. that morning. What a terrible thing to wake up and your vehicle is gone so let’s help. Those stickers are distinctive and so is the Yukon. Keep an eye out please. It would be nice to help!

UPDATE 11:07 p.m.: The Yukon was found.

UPDATE 7/7: The woman who was using the car said, “Found totaled, stripped….busted every window, gas siphoned, dash pulled apart, tires and rims gone, nothing in it, at all…a sad sad sight!”



  • My truck is the missing 85 toyota. I have been looking for it on the river bar and stumbled on a rig matching this discription. Im waiting for the sherrif jeep as i type this. Fingers crossed…

  • UPDATE: The vehicle was seen this morning(7/6/15) around 10:30-11:00 am in Eureka around 5th street by Starbucks going north……

    • interesting. im going to go get the vin off the one i seen anyhow. it was way back in the brush…maybe they were camped in it? ill update tomorrow. whos the owner so i know who to contact?

  • the cop was unable to get his truck far enough down the river bar to investigate. i have tomorrow off so im going to go down and find the exact coordinates if its still there (almost certain it will be) . i did so much searching for my rig that it may be a tad bit harder to locate it than i thought. however im still looking for mine and i know about all the back roads by now. ill update after i relocate it. the one i saw was a a black gmc yukon and the year was about the same. from what i could tell there was no back license plate. wish i would have seen this bolo one day sooner…..

    • Hi shane kym emailed you my number …I was hoping to talk to you tonight to get a better idea of area …I’m going with people that know the area well..hoping to pull it to am area the sheriff can access

      • it was between rio dell and fernbridge. i searched such a big area im a little turned around. wont have a problem tracing my rout tomorrow. ill call to let you know if i found it or not. it was way up by a farmers fence line on the west side of the eel river. i thought it could possibly be a ranchers truck so i didn’t think much of it until i got home and seen it posted above mine. there’s a chance it wasn’t yours but it matched. the back door was open so i didn’t notice any stickers.

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