Lightning Show Over Lost Coast: Mother Nature Rivals Fireworks

Ryan Johnson of Lucid Photography captured what he calls, “a full on lightning storm” over the Lost Coast three nights ago. Using timelapse, he created this breathtaking video. [Please, click the four arrows to the left of Vimeo in the lower right of the video to expand to full screen. The bigger the better!]

Johnson took multiple photos and lots of film to create the video.

“This is about 6 hours of footage and 600 pics taken over one night right here on the [N]orth [C]oast,” he explained.

We can’t wait to see more of his work and more of our beautiful area.


DSC 5689.MOV from Ryan Johnson on Vimeo.



  • Didn’t I tell you, Ryan, that this beats a fireworks show any day….?

  • thank you ryan and kym. i miss t-storms. how did i miss that one?
    fantastic job altogether, ryan. yup, definitely full-on.


    I love thunderstorms. They turn me all blissed-out and serene. But please, NOT when the forests are this dry. Stay out over the ocean until it isn’t going to burn down the entire state, please.

  • Wonderful time lapse. Thanks!

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