Man With Accidental Gunshot Wound to the Chest Out Hwy 36

scannerAccording to scanner traffic, 30-year-old male near Carlotta reportedly slipped and fell while carrying a .22 and received a gunshot wound to the chest about 9 p.m.

A medical helicopter was sent to Swain’s flat to pick up the patient. CPR was being administered.



  • Pray, pray he survives.

  • A .22 isn’t a shotgun

    • Nowhere in this article did it mention shotgun, until you mention it [edit]

      • You Are right, but My Eyes Made The Same Reversal. I Read “shotgun Wound” And Thought The Same Thing….that Aint A Shotgun Caliber. But A 22will Make A gunshot Wound.

    • There is a double barrel shotgun with one chamber being a .22 and the other 410.

    • Due to ricochet the 22 is one of the most deadly calibers [edit]

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Most bullets, accept perhaps those designed as highly frangible, will ricochet. The number one issue, by far, is safe gun handling regardless of caliber.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Nobody said “shotgun.” Gunshot covers any wound from any firearm.

  • The article says .22 caliber “gunshot ” wound, not “shotgun” wound, Jimmy. !
    Then Liz jumps in describing a 410 over & under..(barrels not side by side but one above the other instead)..but the point is, as Robert tries to tell you, is neither reply has anything to do with the report… [edit]

    • But actually jimmy is right, a 22. Is not a shotgun….

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        No he is not right. Nobody said “shotgun.” True, a .22 is not a shotgun, but that was never an issue; it has no relevance. I hope for the best, but it must be pointed out that this accident, as described, would never have happened if safe gun handling procedures had been followed. Safety always on until you shoot, finger always out of the trigger guard until you shoot and no cartridge in chamber if you are just hiking. Just the first two would have sufficed if actively hunting.

        • Your wrong on this one the complete statement jimmy made was “A 22. Is not a shotgun” see above comment for proof. Now by god im telling you jimmy is right…shitfire man ..get a clue beavis

  • Did this guy ever take a gun safety test?
    At least on paper you’d get some theories about this.

  • Doesn’t sound good if they were giving him CPR

  • Is there word on how he is doing?

  • This man is a family member of mine. He’s a vet from the Marines, accidents happen everyday. Please have a little respect for those involved. Reading degrading comments is hurtful and not necessary. When posting on news feeds try and imagine it’s you involved. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.regardless of how they treat you. Pay it forward people. Compassion, you know. That sort of thing.

    • Yes accidents happen to everyone sooner or later i almost shot myself in the face one night with a 22. Ruger pistol while looking for a prowler in my yard…im a army vet expert rifleman…so how is he doing? Me and my family pulling for the guy..

    • Showing concern for your family member I pray he made it through this terrible tragic accident. Please could you post an update for us who do care about the compassion of others

  • Rip brother wish I was home love ❤ u guys

  • Any updates on this story. His facebook is filled with condolences but i haven’t seen an official report. Then you have others asking how he is doing. Has the sheriffs released a report?? Where was he helicoptered to? Tragic, sad and postive thoughts for his family.

  • kym runs a blog for info and interaction between us-don’t turn this into loco comments for broken people.all my families compassion for yours

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