Baby Boy Born in Front Seat of Vehicle Today

Press release provided by Humboldt Bay Fire

At 10:25 AM on July 4th, 2015, Humboldt Bay Fire (HBF) was dispatched to a report of emergency childbirth on Highway 101 at the Tompkins Hill Exit. An engine and duty chief from HBF responded to the call.

The HBF duty chief arrived on scene first and located the vehicle and family on Tompkins Hill Road just north of College of the Redwoods. The family had been en route to Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna for the child’s delivery, but the delivery began before they got there. The mother was in the process of giving birth in the front seat of the vehicle, and was assisted by the duty chief on scene, with the child born at 10:37 AM. The engine crew arrived on scene moments after the delivery, and the Captain and Firefighter Paramedic assumed patient care of the mother and newborn, actively crying baby boy.

City Ambulance arrived on scene and took over patient care, and was assisted by HBF. California Highway Patrol and Loleta Fire Department also responded to the scene and assisted. The mother and newborn were transported to St. Joseph Hospital. Humboldt Bay Fire would like to thank our partner agencies that helped with this call, including the Eureka Police and Fire dispatchers who processed the 911 call and stayed on the line with the father during our response, and City Ambulance, California Highway Patrol, and Loleta Fire Department for their assistance on scene.

HBF reminds parents that baby may not be on your schedule for delivery; give yourself ample time to get to the hospital. If you find yourself in an emergency childbirth situation, call 911 immediately.




    If more people simply did homebirths this wouldn’t happen.

    Congrats Mom on a good story to tell!

  • Better than being born behind the mall!

  • I would have been mortified to have had that whole bunch of dudes show up for the non-emergency between my legs. Sirens and all? Geez. Well maybe the Duty Chief was a woman, a mother perhaps, a natural lay midwife, and they just didn’t mention that. I thought emergencies are when someone’s likely to die, not about to be born–? P.S. Babies are easier both to start and to deliver in the back seat than the front–except these darned modern shoebox cars…

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