[UPDATE July 4: Final Acreage Under Two] Vegetation Fire on Reed Mountain Road

scanner Emergency crews are responding to a vegetation fire on Reed Mountain Road near Red Rock. An aircraft is reporting seeing smoke. Two additional tankers have been requested also. Cal Fire, Garberville, Redway and Phillipsville are responding.

Hat tip to Terri Klemetson at KMUD.

UPDATE 3:38 p.m.: Rough map of where the fire is located.


UPDATE 3:45 p.m.: According to scanner traffic, the fire is about three acres moving at a slow to medium rate of spread in heavy canopy–“lots of potential,” “limited road access,” “multiple agriculture,” and “some structures.”

Miranda Fire has been requested to send a water tender.

UPDATE 3:57 p.m.: Terri Klemetson from KMUD says the aircraft is doing retardant drops. “They hope to box it in 3-5 acres.” The fire is backing downhill in a moderate canopy forest.

UPDATE 4:08 p.m.: On scanner traffic, a pilot said, there is one structure “fully involved below the grow.”

A little later, someone says, “One 1000 fuel container on fire in the middle of this fire.”

The dispatcher is now saying, “Possible hazardous materials fire.”

UPDATE 4:17 p.m.: Photo by David Durr below.


UPDATE 4:27 p.m.:

UPDATE 4:28 p.m.: According to scanner traffic, power lines down through the middle of the fire. Staging dozers down at Benbow. UPDATE 4:41 p.m.: View from Alderpoint Road sent in by reader, 11694407_10204315411347330_78784374_nUPDATE 4:43 p.m.: Scanner traffic says, “Making good progress”  and “retardant and fire line around the fire.” UPDATE 4:54 p.m.: Incident commander stated that the “fuel tank is a non-issue.” and the dozers are released. UPDATE 6:22 p.m.:

UPDATE 7:10 p..m.:

Photos of the incident posted by KMUD:




  • Thank you for keeping us updated on this Kym, I have some friends up there that I am concerned about.

  • That is the agony and the ecstasy of living in a small community, we know everybody. I live in Benbow, but quite a long ways away from the fire. From the photo, it appears to be on the east side of Reed Mountain.

    The fuel tank should have been reported as “a possible 1,000 gal fuel tank” rather than “Possible hazardous materials fire.” A firefighter needs to know whether the stay uphill or upwind depending on the hazard. Case in point, the kid that was shot in the school ground was reported as “a kid with what might be a toy gun” it was dispatched as “a person with a gun on the schoolground”. He was shot within 7 seconds of the cops showing up. I’d bet that everyone regrets the poor dispatch.

    • Lets all Monday night quarter back Ernie…lets be concerned about the fire and neighbors and save the political crap for later. Read it again…dispatch can only give what info they get and you don’t know what that is, unless you hear what they hear. Hope the fire crews can get a handle on it quickly.

      • Sorry “really” you get to be wrong, it was reported as “a thousand gallon fuel tank.” You just might be the monday morning quarterback here. I have always been concerned about life safety. Been there done that… You?

  • I have heard that many lightning strikes happened this morning. Please keep us informed the minute you hear of anything Kym.

  • It’s not up Reed Mt. Rd, it’s up Redrock Rd , to the top then around the back of Reed Mt.

  • It’s called weed mt. not reed mt.

  • Ernie,
    did you listen to the report? The aircraft stated that the 1000 gallon fuel tank was on fire! Which it did burn some and leaked quite a bit of fuel………So before you make a statement have your facts straight. So at that time it was considered a possible hazmat fire.

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