UPDATE: DEA Assisting US Forest Service With Raid in Fortuna

image1 (4)According to a trusted reader report, there is a law enforcement raid going on in Fortuna at an apartment complex on Smith Lane. The reader described seeing around 9 a.m., two individuals, one young man and one older woman, being detained by officers carrying AR-15 type weapons and wearing bulletproof vests possibly with the letters DEA on them. Further away, but still in the apartment parking lot, was another woman possibly also being detained by what looked like a forest service ranger (see photo above.)

The DEA was unable to be reached for comment and the Fortuna Police dispatcher denied knowledge of any operation occurring.

Here is a somewhat hasty/shaky video taken by a reader at approximately 9:30 a.m.

UPDATE 10:50 a.m: According to a DEA spokesperson, her agency is assisting the US Forest Service on a situation but she isn’t able to comment as they aren’t the lead agency. The US Forest Service spokesperson is attempting to track down information for us.



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