Feels Soooo Good: Local Bears Scratching Their Backs and…Letting the Girls Know How Sexy They Are

For bears, scratching their back on a tree is not about an itch they can’t reach, says tracker Kim Cabrera. It’s really about leaving scent to attract the opposite sex.
….(Explain to your spouse that long back scratches are really your way of getting their loving attention!…)

According to animal tracker Kim Cabrera who placed the game cam that took this footage, “A male black bear is seen rubbing his back on two different trees. He appears to be sampling the trees to find the best scratch! However, this is how bears mark their scent. The scent is deposited on the tree as the bear rubs, attracting the attention of other (female) bears.”

The ecstasy of the bear at 1:35 is contagious. Where’s our wooden backscratcher? We need some of that!

Cabrera says, “Many black bears have used this tree as a scent marking place for years. However, the tree fell over in January of this year. That does not stop the bears though! The tree is right along their trail and they still stop to mark scent on it when they pass it. Some of the bears just give it a sniff to check out the scents left by other bears. Will they use it once it finally falls to the ground? We will see…”



  • Ha! I here scraping away at my back with my bamboo back scratcher and clicking in to find the bears doing the same thing!

  • Well, heck, it’s not like they have access to bouquets of roses and Whitman Samplers.

  • those are great videos.. I want to know ..how did you discover those trees?

  • Sue, I located the trees by tracking the bears. These trees are common on their travel routes. Once a tree is located, I set up a trail camera.

  • There appears to be three different bears in the second video. I didn’t realize that so many bears would use the same trail. I wonder if certain trees are used where territories overlap? Is it common for bears to share trails? How protective are they of their territories? So many questions… The game camera really brings us into their hidden world. Super cool!

    Really nice work being done by Kim Cabrera. I’m curious what kind of game camera she’s using.

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