EPD Releases More on Indian Island Shooting/ Resident Reportedly Fired After Threatened

Press release provided by the Eureka Police Department:

Eureka PoliceOn June 28, 2015 detectives from the Eureka Police Department responded to Indian Island to investigate a shooting that occurred on private property.

Detectives have since learned that the shooting occurred after a resident confronted the suspect, a trespasser to the island, who arrived via kayak sometime during the homeowner’s absence.

Soon after, he noticed a man he did not recognize sitting adjacent to his house. The man (later determined to be the suspect) had his back to the victim. The victim called out to the suspect and told him he was trespassing and that he needed to leave. At that point, the suspect abruptly stood and turned to face the victim. In one hand the man held a bottle of liquor, in the other he held a machete.

The victim again told the man to leave, at which point the suspect raised the machete over his head and began to advance on the victim, from about 10 yards away. As the suspect did so, he threatened to kill the victim. At the time, the victim was lawfully carrying a handgun. In response to the suspect’s physical and verbal threats to kill the victim, he drew and discharged two rounds at the suspect as he was advancing toward the victim. Both rounds struck the suspect in the torso, effectively stopping his advance.

The victim then called ‘911’. He also began administering first aid to the suspect, despite being verbally threatened again while doing so. (The suspect reportedly later thanked the victim for administering first aid.) The kayak which the suspect is believed to have arrived on, is believed to have been reported stolen earlier this month.

Two fisherman, who heard the commotion from across the channel, came to investigate and ended up helping administer first-aid. They also stayed and assisted with transporting emergency responders back and forth during the initial phase of this investigation.

The suspect was transported to a local hospital and is expected to survive his injuries. A case will be forwarded to the District Attorney for review in this matter. The names of the involved parties will [not] be released due to an ongoing investigation.

The Eureka Police Department would like to thank the following people for their assistance in this investigation: Harbor Commissioner Suzie Howser, Captain Leroy Zerlang & Crew, as well as fishermen Steven Ramsey and Art Barrett. .

Anyone with information concerning this incident should call or come to the Eureka Police Department. The number for Criminal Investigations Section is (707) 441-4032.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • I watched the police and EMT response from across the bay at the foot of C Street. To be accurate, the shooting did not happen at any residence but at two abandoned, falling-down shacks more than a hundred feet from the nearer viable residence (measured with Google Earth).

    The object of attraction for the kayaker was certainly the derelict shanties, whether from curiosity, or for a place for a shore lunch, or to drink or squat. These shacks must have been an attractive nuisance for boat-borne explorers for many years now, and I’ll bet the shooter has gone down the shore to run people off before.

    The problem with simply reprinting press releases instead of reporting and asking questions is that we only get the cops’ story, and around here they are often written incompletely and/or incoherently.

  • Humboldt Native

    There still is no further info on who the machete waving kayaker or gun toting resident are?

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