Vegetation Fire South of Myers Flat

Multiple fire crews responded to what turned out to be a redwood log on fire off of the Avenue of the Giants south of Myers Flat near Elk Creek Grove. The small fire, called the Felton Fire because it is in Felton Grove is now contained.



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  • It’s gotten so I’m afraid to so much as shoot someone a fiery glance. I was freakin’ out the other day about how dry everything looks around here, when it seemed to me we’d gotten a much better amount of rain here than south, where you are, but then I remembered nobody’s watering anything.

    Then, after a couple really uncomfortably hot, dry, days, the blessed fog returned, but with a warning of possible thunderstorms last night… which I don’t think happened… thank goodness… but there’s still a 20% chance of them here tonight.

    Anyway, it’s a comfort to me to know people are jumping on the least little puff of smoke, even if it’s overkill, because that is SO much better than erring in the opposite direction. Thanks to everyone, everyone, everyone who bothered with this.

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