[UPDATE 11:48 P.M.] Two Kayakers Rescued by Trinidad This Evening

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Helicopter lifts one individual from the rock and carries them to safety. [Photo provided by reader.]

A Coast Guard spokesperson confirmed this evening that his agency helped rescue two people who had “flipped over” in a kayak near Trinidad a little after 7 p.m. According to the spokesperson, “We got about 10 different callers all at once” reporting that the two kayakers were in danger.

Rescue operations were launched.

“One person was picked up by a pleasure boater” about 40 minutes after the calls came in, the spokesperson said, and the second individual was “hoisted off a rock with a helicopter” just five minutes later.

Thanks to both the Coast Guard and to the private boat that pitched in to help. Nice work!

UPDATE 11:48 P.M.: 

Additional Video provided by the United States Coast Guard:

This is a press release from the United States Coast Guard:

 Coast Guard (2)MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. – At 7:11 tonight Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay received word that two individuals were stranded on off shore rocks just south of Trinidad Head. On lookers situated alongside the bluffs overlooking Trinidad harbor spotted the two after their kayak sank 200 yards off the beach.A Coast Guard MH-65D helicopter was launched from the Coast Guard station at Arcata airport and a Request for Assistance from Mariners was broadcast by the Sector Command Center over marine channel 16.The Coast Guard helicopter was on scene at 7:35 and located one female survivor in the water and a male survivor standing on an off shore rock. Two good samaritans from Trinidad Marina also arrived on scene in a 17 foot recreational vessel around 7:35 and pulled the female survivor from the water. The Coast Guard helicopter crew pulled the male survivor from the off shore rocks by lowering the rescue swimmer, AST2 Jon Rice to the rocks where he secured the kayaker with the survival strop. Then Flight Mechanic AMT3 Alex Bunz operated the helicopter hoist retrieving both the rescue swimmer and the stranded kayaker.Mariners are reminded to always wear a life vest.Any questions regarding this search and rescue case can be directed to Lieutenant Bernie Garrigan at (707) 839-6147.

–Oliver Cory


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