Island Mountain Raid Continues

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and the individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Mendocino SheriffOn 06-23-2015 Deputies from Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino Counties continued marijuana investigation/eradication activities in Island Mountain based upon continued observations of significant marijuana cultivation sites.

Personnel from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife continue to provide assistance with investigating situations of water diversion, water theft and environment degradation associated with any of the marijuana cultivation sites.

Specific details of the marijuana investigation/eradication activities are pending at this time and will be released when information becomes available.

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  • Damn well no surprise they are targeting folks working on CCV. It would be nice to see them reward folks doing good stewardship to the land rather than this, or go after the vineyards who use just as much water and ought to be having their source checked.
    Not to say everyone is doing the right thing on the east side. At least in the article on loco Sgt. Hanson said they were going after “wealthy” local folks and not cartels, which states their true intention- get land, cars, jewelry, etc etc to auction off to make themselves money. When legalization happens they will be losing a huge chunk of their budget. If you are keeping cash, valuables, etc at home and you own multiple properties it wuld probably be wise to move those to a more secure location so they cant seize everything you have. Of course they may offer to sell it back to you. I know someone who paid them 30,000 to get an excavator back- & the warrant wasn’t even for his property, it was for his neighbors. Search and seize will skyrocket this season, and no they dont have to follow the rules. In a court of law its your word against theirs- we all know who wins that game!

    • My uncle worked the civil forfeiture end of the law for a decade down in the old pueblo. He knows this shit inside and out and says repeatedly that the clubs (police, Feds, whatever agency) that go after your shit are notoriously lazy and more often than not have the paperwork filled out incorrectly and havent dotted the I or crossed every T. There are a lot of holes in those docs and it just takes one wise person to analyze them to find those holes and exploit them.
      I too know people who have had to buy back their home or land. No one in their right mind buys back automobiles or other assets that diminish in value.

  • I didnt know they could go at it for days on end. Im surprised they can sustain for that long. Truly thats a lot of work and i didnt think these folks were the “lot of work” type. Just quick bursts and then a rest. Shows u what I know. Gonna b a lot of folks looking for starts and teens out there in a week.

  • When your getting overtime you get real industrious. Someones getting the money is no object treatment here.

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  • I am wondering it any Measure Z funds were used or if Measure Z freed up money that was used for this raid. We were told that Measure Z was for
    Measure Z can provide the funds necessary for expanding patrols, maintaining emergency 9-1-1 response times, and making sure calls about violent or property crimes are responded to promptly.

    Our residents deserve to know that County Sheriffs will be there when they need them – 24 hours a day.

    Also, volunteer fire departments and firefighters play critical roles in protecting life and property here in Humboldt County. Additional resources will help maintain rural fire and ambulance protection services, allowing our first responders to better – and more safely – protect County residents.

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