[UPDATE 10:49 p.m.] Fatal Accident Near Myers Flat Backs Up Traffic Along HWY 101

Fatal rollover accident near Myers Flat.

Fatal rollover accident near Myers Flat.

Scanner traffic and readers are alerting us to an overturned vehicle accident on Highway 101 just south of Myers Flat that occurred at around 5:15 p.m. A dispatcher said over the scanner that the vehicle is blocking the roadway. A reader sent in photos of the accident and the traffic jam. A trusted source has confirmed that the accident is fatal. Details are scarce but we will update when we have more information.

[Note: Scanner reports are not always as first indicated.]

Traffic backed up in both directions near Myers Flat.

Traffic backed up in both directions near Myers Flat.

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UPDATE 7:18 P.M.: All lanes of Highway 101 are closed at the scene of the accident. Betsy Totten, a spokesperson for Caltrans, said, “According to our maintenance supervisor on scene, CHP requested that Caltrans detour traffic onto 254.”

UPDATE 7:34 P.M.: Totten said, “North bound #2 lane will be open in about 20 minutes. At least another hour until we are able to open all lanes to traffic.”

UPDATE 10:49 P.M.: Readers are telling us Highway 101 is now open.



  • Rest in peace and prayers for family.

  • Jesus, bless this family with your eternal arms

  • Charlotte McDonald

    Rest in peace. My prayers and thoughts go out to the victim(s) family and friends. I’m sorry people feel the need to post pictures, but then I’m a survivor of a head on fatality before social media and can only think what a horrible way for anyone of my friends or family to have learned.

  • must have traveled too fast for that inside curve prayers for their family

  • Rest in peace and fly high honey, Any updates? I know the person who passed but only know details that were told to me by others, wondering if you knew anything further yet.

  • Why did it take so long for the ambulance and cops to arrive

    • The area was very remote so I’m guessing travel time was a factor. I drove by this accident just after it happened. My heart goes out to the victims family and the sweet little boy I saw. Rest in peace.

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  • I remember that day so clearly. My bf and I were on vacation headin to Oregon on his Harley and had planned to stay there in Myers Flat. We approached the accident and how horrific it was to see a fatality. I think it bothered me so much because just a couple months prior my son went under a semi truck and literally walked away with a tire mark on his arm. As to this accident don’t know if it was a man or woman but someone mentioned a little boy, how sad is that?

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