Assault on Arcata Plaza

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Scanner traffic indicates a person was assaulted near Toby and Jack’s on the Arcata Plaza at around 5 p.m. A voice over the scanner said, “Man down as a result of assault in front of Toby and Jack’s.” According to the scanner, a suspect was seen running from the scene and was later detained at gunpoint in front of Coast Central Credit Union on the 600 block of F Street. We’ll update when we have more information.

[Note: Scanner reports are not always as first indicated.]



  • Mercy Me, Mabel!

    Supposed to be a good day.
    Then this.

  • On bar row with the drunken oyster fest right there? No surprise at all, would be more surprised if nothing happened. I went to hsu in the mid-90’s & there were always fights on that side of the plaza. Chasing someone down at gun point seems way over the top. I guess the imported LA cops that now work for APD needed some action. Pulling guns like that leads to cop killings. Isn’t that what our oh so valued tax dollars were supposed to stop buy purchasing tasers? Its a college town, get over it or dont have festivals on the plaza that promote drinking alcohol all day.

  • Arcata, California aka BumTown USA. Tolerated and encouraged.

    • You gotta get out more, into this vast country of ours!! Many towns and cities have far more slivey toves than Arcata. In your infinite wisdom what should Arcata do? Hmmm?

      Recall the supreme court found vagrancy laws unconstitutional and that Reagan released mental patients.

    • EncouagingReaaly

      Otis, who exactly is keeping you here?

  • the FreakFactor is starting to make me hinkey! I need to make sure my permit is in order. This crime dump is starting to steeenk pretty bad this last year (2014), and even worse for 2015.

  • Got drunk and had some amazing oysters!

    What? No! If the fest was moved then I can’t avoid paying a fee to buy alcohol. I will never again stand in line just to buy a token or wrist band so I can stand in another line to pay 6 bucks for a beer. ridiculous! Plus you can’t really blame the bar for this since the plaza was full of drunk people because of oyster fest. lol on the plus side only 1 incident like this and probably over 13000 drunk people. Glad they caught the guy. There is always someone who can’t just get drunk and have a good time

  • Like wraslin, only not

    I saw it go down!
    Started with a scuffle inside T&J’s, which the bouncers did a good job of getting them out of the bar. Then it appeared things had simmered down, with the “suspect” making nice and making sure his dad knew he had been ejected from the bar. After his dad was out he walked away a bit, then came back and hit the guy he was having a scuffle with FROM BEHIND!
    What a B1TC#!
    Kept having track #13 from “The Chronic 2001” album by Dr Dre running through my head the rest of the day. (look it up)
    The victim went DOWN hard: you could hear his head hitting the concrete, even over the sounds of the festival. Glad they got him.

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