[UPDATE JUNE 22 4:38 P.M.] Fatal Accident North of Eureka on Hwy 101 in Early Hours of Friday

chpstarAccording to Oliver Cory, our reporter on the scene, at approximately 1:30 this morning (Friday) a vehicle [a red Ford Contour] crossed over the center divide as it was traveling northbound just south of the railroad tracks north of Eureka. The vehicle overturned. California Highway Patrol Officer Darron Drefke stated, “It appears the driver was ejected and was pronounced on scene.” A coroner was requested. The victim was a woman.

UPDATE 3:16 A.M.: According to Drefke, the vehicle overturned multiple times and no other people appear to have been involved in the accident. The victim has not been identified yet because CHP is attempting to notify next of kin. We’ll post more photos as soon as possible. –Oliver Cory

[Reporter’s Note: There is a photo of a body bag below. Do not scroll down if that is too graphic for you. –OC]

Officers investigate the scene.

Officers investigate the scene.

UPDATE 3:59 A.M.: Another photo.

The body is moved to a truck.

The body is moved to a coroner truck.

UPDATE 9:32 A.M.: Here’s the area where the accident occurred.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 9.31.19 AM
UPDATE 10:35 A.M.: The following is a press release from the California Highway Patrol:



On June 19, 2015, at approximately 1:30 AM, a female driver was travelling northbound on US-101 near Cole Ave. in a 1996 Ford.  Based on witness statements, the driver was at speeds of 80-100 mph, when she lost control of the Ford, and rolled across the southbound lanes of US-101.  The Ford came to rest near the railroad tracks west of the highway, and the driver was ejected as a result of the collision.  Eureka Fire, City Ambulance, and the California Highway Patrol responded to the scene.  When fire and medical crews arrived on scene it was determined that the driver had suffered fatal injuries as a result of the collision.  The driver was the sole occupant of the Ford, and no other parties were involved in the collision.  The driver’s identification is being withheld,  pending notification through the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office.  The California Highway Patrol is investigating the collision.

UPDATE JUNE 22 4:38 P.M.: The Coroner’s Office has confirmed the identity of the woman who died in the accident as Bridgette S. Bailey, 31, of Eureka.



  • So sorry for the family,God bless!!!please folks drive alert and be safe,arrive alive.just a few extra minutes could make the difference

  • I think its sick and twisted to post a picture of a body bag with a person’s family member or friend inside. Do you have no morals or sympathy for the people this affected?

    RIP Our Wonderful friend and sister.

    • Jennifer, I’m so sorry for your pain and yet I don’t know how we can act differently. Media has to make some hard choices. A great many news photos capture someone’s worst moment. Those images can be extremely difficult for family and friends—the bodies in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti for instance. Or those hit by the bomb at the Boston Marathon. However, a reporter’s job is to, as far as possible present an accurate representation of what occurred. Photos help do that. In this case our reporter held off photographing until your loved one was covered out of respect for the pain of family and friends. And yet, our job is also to present what occurred. We tried to strike that balance. I’m sorry our choice added to your pain.


        You are a caring person, Kym. Someone that had no feelings could have deleted the comment or not even replied. Your actions reflect your true person.

        Jennifer, sorry for what you are going through, it can’t be easy. God bless.

        • I do understand I saw the picture minutes after I found out. The picture of the car is understandable in my eyes its just a fresh wound. I do believe the picture makes a statement and I sincerely hope people do take the picture for what its worth… Life is precious. Thank you for your response Kym. And I will pass condolences to the family.

          • I am so sorry. I wish this was less painful for all of you. Life is precious and losing a loved one is almost unbearable. May you find your way through this terrible time.

    • Jennifer
      As someone that has been to a few accidents, I can tell you that no matter what the cause of a person’s death the remains are always treated with the greatest of respect. However, it is not always easy to be at the scene of a death. What caused the accident is usually speculated, and the conclusions are not usually pleasent. It is often speculated about what would change if this person could go back a week and get a do-over. Èssentially, to publicize what happened, in all it’s graffic details, and allow the rest of us to see the mistakes that were made gives us a “do-over”. Just maybe we won’t make those same mistakes.

      Her family has my complete sympathy in that they lost a loved one. It’s not easy for anyone. It usually gets worse when the accident investigation is published. My fondest hope is that somebody “gets it” and doesn’t make the same mistakes and ends up the source of a news headline. Please believe me it is not easy for anyone. My best, Ernie

    • I am so sorry for your loss. And I know those words don’t help any. But
      There’s a lot of people that are grateful for any find of media coverage. Because how would it fill if nobody covered the story at all. It’s not a good filling believe me.

    • Very Very Sickening. What about her poor babies. They dont need to see this…INFURIATING.

  • Thank god she didn’t kill someone else on the other side of the highway….slow down people!!!!

  • I have not viewed the photos but have been told they exist. I will never come to your news page again Kym. I only came one last time to let you know this is not a terrist attack story and should not have photos. I’m sure many share my opinion and will also not read your page again.

    • Angela, please don’t hold this against Kym. It was my decision to post the photos, and it was not an easy decision to have to make. I got there while she was still uncovered on the ground, but I waited until she was completely covered and unidentifiable to take photos. I’m still not sure I made the right decision. I was trying to document what I was seeing as accurately as possible, and I’m sorry if my actions have caused you or anyone else pain. I wish there was an easy way to show the severity of the accident without having to offend anyone, but I don’t know the answer.

      • Not to worry O you have been doing great. I am so sorry. Condolences to all. No one is ever ready to face such tragedy. Thankfully there are people like Kym that help us carry these heavy loads.

      • Oliver Cory, next time you have to make this decision ask yourself if a large newspaper would use the photo.
        The photo of a body in a body bag is a sight that can not be taken away. It is in my memory now. This photo will jog the memory of all who have lost a love one and the memory of every person who fought in battle. The experience of seeing this might have been impressive to you but, the photo of it is not impressive to the rest of us. It will not make better drivers out of us.

    • Angela, I’m sorry you feel that way. I hope you find a news organization that agrees with your beliefs.

      • I, myself will no longer be visiting this site due to the heartlessnes and lack of compassion. Darn, this was the first news that I went to everyday. We are a small community on the north coast and you know good and well those pictures weren’t necessary. Good luck on your future endeavors. USE your HEADS. A story would have done the job but no , let’s rub it in………

      • tragedy, no question. and no question that Kym and Oliver have no intention of disrespecting the decedent in this report. to suggest Kym or Oliver were trying to “Rub it in” with the photographs is simply ludicrous and without any merit what so ever. we live in a world of social media, and getting the news NOW. pics are a vital part of that. they did a fine job in the reporting, and were as careful as possible not to take graphic photos.

        Kym and Oliver, thanks for your humility in addressing those who see it differently. i for one will be sticking around this site due to the authentic and great reporting as well as keeping it as classy as possible.

      • You are a very good reporter Kym

  • Kym, you did nothing wrong, there is more violence on T V than what you show. Turn on the History channel for gore. A picture of that body bag might save a persons life. God bless you all.

  • Sorry for your loss folks. It is understandable to be upset when someone close to you dies . However, that doesn’t mean we should suspend free press . Your friend had her accident in public place , therefore it is news. If I had some tragedy like that happen to some I cared about I just wouldn’t to look at comment sections regarding that story . Who cares about what someone who doesn’t really know anything thinks about a particular situation? Rather than getting on there and trying to censor what people say and post.

  • Kym and Oliver: Thank you for your accurate news coverage. My condolences to the friends and family of the woman who died. A photo of a human being in a body bag is indeed a shocking thing. So is death. As my partner commented, “You can’t hide death, it’s among us all the time.” Please everyone, slow down and wear your seatbelt. They say driving is one of the most dangerous things that we do, and every single one of us take it for granted.

  • Condolences
    Something terribly wrong here.
    To other people who have loved ones who are self destructive:
    Give them a big hug, it may be your last chance.

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