Former Humboldt Woman Arrested for Stealing Mail in Leggett

Press release provided by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

Lawanda Parks
On 06-09-2015, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were notified that mail was taken from a residential mailbox in Leggett, California.

The victim was alerted to a vehicle parked next to his mailbox with a male and female inside. When the victim was approaching the vehicle, the individuals drove off.

The victim followed the suspects to Boomers Bar in Laytonville, California where Deputies responded to investigate further.

The individuals then drove off at a high rate of speed but eventually pulled over as the Deputies caught up to the vehicle and initiated an enforcement stop.

Deputies spoke with the driver (Donald Powell) and the passenger (Lawanda Parks), who both originally denied stealing any mail.Powell

During the investigation, the Deputies discovered several pieces of stolen mail within the vehicle from at least 11 victims, all from other counties, totaling the amount of $22,076.75 in altered money orders or checks.

The Deputies located 2 additional money orders that the Leggett victim had previously placed inside his mailbox. These money orders had already been altered by having Powell’s name written on them.

The Deputies learned Powell was also wanted out of Shasta County for a burglary arrest warrant. During the course of the investigation methamphetamine was discovered inside the vehicle as well.

Powell and Parks were booked into the Mendocino County Jail where they both were both to be held in lieu of $15,000.00 bail.



  • Well at least it appears that she is not a meth user.

  • Yes I was in the wrong place wrong time but don’t sit there and throw stones when in a glass house and don’t know all the facts, that pix was taken after over 48hours in a holding cell with no blanket,bed,shower anything at all and was woke up at 4am to be booked in. Let’s see you everyone will look after that not to good. Donnie isn’t a bad man either we did nothing wrong. Pull up and looking at a car for sale after someone stole whatever ya our bad it fell on us. We just bought the car we were in the old owners still had property in the car but just like Humboldt they believe everything they hear or read and judge judge and think they are perfect and their shit doesn’t stink well I’m doing good and was then too.

    • Come on, you have been in the wrong place and the wrong time for a long time. You have been asking for money and claiming to have nothing but the clothes on your back for months. You have been claiming to be clean and sober, loving your loser boyfriend and trying to start a “new life.” Get it together.

    • Why were you looking at car for sale when you just bought a car?

      You’ll end up in prison eventually. It goes with the lifestyle.

      Go to a meeting, admit you have drug problem, have a spiritual experience and a profound psychic change by working the steps. Or continue to live as you are until you completely lose every choice in your life.


      • Hahahahah! Your solution is go to a meeting??
        Meetings are what keep people from recovering and living a fulfilling life.
        If you really want to get sober “god” isn’t going to do it for you [edit], you have to do it for yourself.
        Get yourself a good therapist and start working on developing self control.

    • her mom and dad and brother are good people.

      • Her mom, yes. Her dad and two brothers, not so much.

        • what ever happened to the murder of her husband a few years back. I know there were people looking for the body out in Island Mt.

          • Tugboat
            Don’t ask questions about topics you don’t understand or know about. You do not want to be misinterpreted about topics you really do not have facts on. OK.I am not Trying to be rude I just want you to be safe.

        • [edit] to regards to danny Lynn lawndas daughter she is safe and healthy and with people that will go to the moon and back for her. Thank God
          Now LaWanda nobody can save you now. You will go to prison and than you will become clean you have no choice. and when you get out move far away and start a new life

      • Uh…NOOOOOOO! Biker gang members, involved in a murder, drug dealers, I’m thinking NOT good people.

    • The fact that you have no shame, no regret and don’t take any ownership speak volumes to your character. I suspect you will be a repeat offender who “accidentally” has possession of stolen goods and drugs on them at the time of arrest, unless you realize you do have a drug problem and seek help. There are a few women’s rehab programs up there where you live in a home setting with support, care and understanding. You work with them to deal with the drug addiction and underlying cause and they help you work back into society through school, work experience etc.

  • Is that why you were trying to cash money orders the other day at the Garberville post office,with out and this man.. You look just like your mug shot

  • Classic,
    her excuses for everything make her look even more guilty than the press releases.
    Please continue LaWanda…

  • Brianna Parkinson

    As a long time Leggett resident is is very disheartening to hear that we now have to guard our mailboxes with guns and dogs because even letters from our Grandparents aren’t safe from wrong doers!! Way to go for making the Emerald Triangle look good lady.

  • Oh jeez Lawanda give it up…

  • Lawanda must think we all are complete idiots!!! Lol

  • anybody wonder how ‘Lawanda’ posted this from jail and how they made 15,000 bail?

    perhaps this is someone scamming the commentariat , amazingly, it has been known to happen.

    • It probably isn’t Lawanda but somebody parodying her as she used to get on loco and argue with commenters about her crimes.

  • 15 k bail???? Wtf!
    What is wrong with enforcement?
    These tweekers have more cash than bail is set at!

    Does anyone else see what is wrong with this picture or what?

    • 15000 means 1500 if I am correct….

      • and a bail bondsman that is dumb or thinks you will show up in court or pay him if you don’t.

        what a strange business that must be..and then there are the non-appearances we have seen lately, probably a regular thing, but if some bonds start being revoked that could change?.. can’t blame that on Gallegos as handy as he is…

  • She was arrested on 6-9 and then posted in the comments 6-17 so she probably got out by now somehow, 15 k bail isnt that much really. I bet its her commenting.

  • or she has a smart phone with the keister app..I apologize, regrets hereby communicated.

  • Good for all that has noticed Lawanda is strung out on dope and needs rehab. BUT HOW DARE YOU JUDGE HER MOM AND DAD ALONG WITH HER BROTHER PAT.I would love for you to say anything to him face to face. [edit]

  • Holy………….. Pick marks !!!

  • She got in trouble tonight for shop lifting at Walmart!! When is she going to realize she needs out of the state to get help

  • If you know Lawanda or were ever her Facebook friend you would know that she did not type that as she has very poor grammar. I just have to wonder what happened to her daughter. Hopefully she no longer has custody of her and she is in a good loving home. Lawanda if your reading this… You were doing well for yourself for a while, what happened? Get your head out of your ass and get your act together and be a Mom to your daughter.

  • Life is just one big misunderstanding, Damn earthlings

  • What ever happened to LaWanda husband, Louie, He appears to have disappeared off the face of the earth. They were a happy couple, so much in love. Whenever I saw them they were always kissing. Maybe it is her loss of him that turned her bad.

  • Boomers – Responsible for a lot of garbage going on…………

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