Marvin Carl Anderson: 1948-2015

Marvin Carl Anderson

marvMarvin passed away on Tuesday, June 9th at 3 a.m. He was born in Los Angeles, CA (near Pasadena) on December 17, 1948 to Clara Jane (Light) of Ohio and Marvin Henry Anderson of Iowa. He was the youngest of three; his sister is Pastor Marsha Carol Anderson (Nebraska) and brother, Dennis Paul Anderson (Minnesota). He is remembered by a niece and two nephews: Darcy Nicole Wearing and her children, Jessy and Kody, James Alan Anderson with his wife Tammy, and Steven Marc Anderson, his wife Lisa, and their boys, Jake and Marc.

Marvin Carl graduated from Arcadia High School in 1966 (Acardia, CA). After serving the U.S. Army, he hoped to inspire peace and togetherness by driving a schoolbus along the Pacific Coast & beyond. The bus was full of friends, old and new. The experiences they shared transformed into enduring friendships. For ‘Marvelous’, the memories from that ride lasted a lifetime.

‘Marvelous’ parked his bus in the hills of Humboldt County. He had found his home on Fruitland Ridge, where he lived for more than 35 years. He was a train and automobile enthusiast who enjoyed woodworking, gardening, watching baseball and old westerns. He was delighted to have visitors and often made his rounds for conversation with neighbors who had discovered his insightful, playful, and generous heart.

‘Marvelous’ Marvin Carl Anderson will be missed by his family and the never-ending list of friends he had met along the way. A picnic potluck and memorial service will be held at the Women’s Federation Grove (4 Fireplaces North of Weott-Avenue of the Giants) on Friday, June 26, 2015 at 4 P.M. followed that evening by a gathering at Meagher’s Saloon in Myers Flat, CA.



  • dude looks familiar…
    another solum hillpie bites the dust…

  • Marvin got here in the 70s before the pot/gold rushes started and lived here cause he loved this place. He was an honest man and never overreached. He kept to himself and rarely asked for any help. We lost a piece of fruitland for sure….he is missed

  • I served many a beer to Marvin at the Good Old Sawblade Tavern in the mid 1970’s. The last time I saw him, after many years, was at Mel Byrds memorial at that very Sawblade Tavern last year or two ago. RIP man.

  • RIP, Marvin. He was such a character and was a fixture at Meaghers Saloon back in the day. We called him Starvin’ Marvin. He made me laugh and had quite the personality.

  • Sandie assignation

    I lived in Myers flat along with Marvin and all my friends. It was the best of times. All our pot luck dinners and swimming in the river. I will miss my friend of 40 years so very much. Thank you Marvelous for being my friend
    Love forever,sandie

  • I was happy to have known Marvin when I was a kid. He was good friends with my mother when we lived in Phillipsville, Miranda, and Fruitland Ridge. I feel fortunate that I ran into him at a fireman’s fundraiser up on Fruitland a few years back. A vastly intelligent and interesting man that I always enjoyed company with, you will be fondly remembered and dearly missed by many, Marvin! RIP

  • Eugene & Yuriko

    We’ll miss our friend of 38 years. Marvelous Marvin was one of a kind and they broke the mold when he passed. A selfless friend who was always there for his friends and an Icon of our community on the hill.
    Rest In Peace Brother.

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