Osprey Diving for Fish

Another one of those Emerald Triangle moments that makes you catch your breath when you see it. The sight of one these large birds diving is awe inspiring.

Ospreys hunt fish almost exclusively so they are mostly found near water. They can use a perch but, as in this video, they mostly hover until they spot their prey. Then they plunge downwards swiftly– capturing a fish about one in four times.


Video by Redwood Planet Media. Follow the link to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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  • Is this bird good to eat? Is the plucking meat ratio ok or is it a waste of time?

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Splendid photography, another ho-Hum-boldt day in magic land. Love even the wiseguys. Video jammed on me half-way through. Went to enlargement, jabbed at the arrows, nothing. Still, great photography.

    • Dang, I don’t know what is wrong. I just watched it through on both the little version here and the bigger YouTube version. Both were fine.

    • That’ll be a new iMac. Just hit the escape button and it all goes back to normal. Big pain in the butt and I don’t know when, if ever, they’ll fix that bug.

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