Four Injured in Accident on US-199; Two Sent to Hospital

The following is a press release from the California Highway Patrol:



John Britt, was driving northbound on US-199 at approximately 40-50 MPH. Party #3, Kenneth Bean, was driving his motorcycle northbound on US-199, directly behind Britt. Party #2, Theresa Powell, was driving southbound on US-199 at approximately 45 MPH. Party #4, Kevin Six, was driving his vehicle southbound directly behind Powell. Ryan Miller was seated in the right front passenger seat of Six’ vehicle.

As Britt negotiated a curve in the roadway, he allowed his vehicle to cross over the centerline. Powell took evasive action avoiding a head-on collision. The side of Powell’s vehicle was struck, causing it to spin out (rotate) in the roadway. Bean took evasive action to avoid being struck by Powell’s vehicle as it spun out of control in the center of the roadway. As he swerved to to the right in order to avoid colliding into her vehicle, the right side of his motorcycle struck the guardrail located on the east shoulder of US-199. After Britt collided into Powell, he continued into the northbound traffic lane and collided head-on into Six.

Six and his passenger Miller were transported via AMC ambulance to Three River’s Medical Center in Oregon for treatment. All other injured parties chose to seek their own treatment.

Drugs and/or Alcohol did not play a factor in this traffic collision. All parties were wearing seatbelts which ultimately saved lives. Motorcyclist Bean was wearing proper protective riding gear which also limited his injuries.



  • They seem like professional ass clowns to me.

  • wow [edit] not everyone is a local, trying to navigate that road for out of towner is hard enough for em. u should try out for nascar if u are so good

  • It’s called slow down and pay attention!

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Key phrase: He(Britt) allowed his vehicle to cross over the centerline. This is a common error in lousy driving locally. That, and too damned fast for the road or weather provides a ton of grief, but who cares?

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