San Francisco Mime Troupe, Political Satire and Musical Theatre


Press Release from the Mateel Community Center:

What: San Francisco Mime Troupe, performing “Freedom Land”
Where: Mateel Community Center
When: Saturday, June 27th @ 8:00 PM, Music 7:30, Show at 8pm
Admission: $20, $18 for MCC members. Available at the door only. Dinner will be available for purchase before the show. Menu and price TBA.
San Francisco Mime Troupe, performing “Freedom Land”, June 27th at the Mateel
          The Tony award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe, is a popular staple of Mateel Community Center’s annual offerings. Bringing political satire to audiences as hilarious musical theatre, is a form the Mime Troupe has perfected over its 56-year history. The Mime Troupe makes you laugh at the absurdities of contemporary life while highlighting the causes of their existence. Never reticent about bringing tough issues to light, they do the opposite: dissecting and exposing the dark underbelly unscrupulous corporations, and governments that hold their rights to profit and power, above the rights of people to things like clean water, clean air and other basic freedoms. In recent years they’ve lampooned such controversial issues as genetically modified foods, the “War on Terror,” the U.S. health care system, the gentrification of urban neighborhoods and presidential elections, to name a few.
          This year’s show, “Freedomland”, set in a poor urban neighborhood of big city America, looks at how the poor in general, particularly people of color and immigrants, become the collateral damage of the war on drugs, especially now, as the Mayor and the Police Chief ramp up the fear, the funding and their shiny new tank to fight the newest drug threat to America, SNORF!
          To find out what “SNORF” is and enjoy a fun evening of hilarious political theatre, come join us at the Mateel Community Center for San Francisco Mime Troupe’s, original play, “Freedomland” on Saturday, June 27th. Doors open at 7pm. Dinner will be available for purchase before the show. Menu and price TBA. SF Mime Troupe music starts at7:30. The show starts at 8pm. For the first time this year, SFMT will be performing in June instead of August. Buying your
ticket in advance is always advised as this show tends to sell out.


  • Mimes are creepy! It’s 2015, not 1920,
    Not going out of the house to watch some creepy mimes let alone pay for it, folks elsewhere are starving and broke yo!

    • I have been watching this great troupe over many years in SF. and here. They offer up biting political satire at it’s best. Of course, they have changed members over the years , but they always deliver.

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