Trailer Burnt After Repair Work

The following press release and photos are from the Arcata Fire Protection District:

 arcata fire

Arcata, CA- (June 10, 2015)- Shortly after 6:30 P.M. Arcata Fire District responded to a commercial fire located at the 5500 block of West End Road. The initial report was a semi-trailer filled with wood chips on fire inside a commercial building.

The first arriving officer on scene reported the tractor trailer was not inside the building but there were flames approximately 10 feet high coming from the trailer and there was moderate smoke coming from the 20,000 square foot commercial structure. The first arriving engine was assigned to check for fire in the commercial structure. The second arriving engine was assigned to fire attack on the burning trailer, and the third engine was assigned to prepare for water supply. Once the first engine confirmed there was no fire in the structure they were reassigned to assist with fire attack. Once Blue Lake Fire arrived on scene they were assigned to do a secondary search of the structure and to check for fire extension in the building. “By the quick action of the employees with Bettendorf Trucking and removing the burning trailer from inside the building helped our firefighting efforts tremendously. They also minimized their total fire loss and helped save the structure.” stated Battalion Chief Sean Campbell.

After speaking with the Bettendorf Trucking employees it appears the cause of the fire was from repair work being done on the trailer with a cutting tool. Witnesses stated they completed work on the trailer around 3:00 P.M. this afternoon and noticed smoke coming from the wood chips in the trailer around 6:30P.M. and immediately called 9-1-1. “Based on witness statements the fire most likely started as a smoldering fire deep down in the wood chips inside the trailer. After several hours of smoldering, enough oxygen reached the fire and it grew into a fully developed free burning fire.” stated Battalion Chief Sean Campbell.

Arcata Fire District responded with three engines, three chief officers and five volunteer fire fighters. Arcata Fire District’s Volunteer Logistic Unit responded to provide accountability aid to the Incident Commander and traffic control. Humboldt Bay Fire responded with one engine and a chief officer to provide coverage in our fire district. Blue Lake Fire responded with one engine and a chief officer and provided assistance at the

scene. No injuries were reported. The property loss was not calculated at the time of this press release .


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