4,961 Marijuana Plants Found in Yesterday’s LEO Visit to Blocksburg

The following is a press release from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force:

On Tuesday June 9th, 2015, the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, assisted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Cal Fire served a search warrant in the 28000 block of Alderpoint Road in Blocksburg, CA. When agents arrived at the property, no persons were located.

During a search of the property, agents located nineteen (19) large greenhouses. The greenhouses were utilizing indoor cultivation lighting and light deprivation techniques. Many of the marijuana plants being grown inside of the greenhouses were ready for harvest. A total of 4,961 growing marijuana plants were discovered at the property. The estimated street value of the marijuana plants was approximately
$7,000,000.00. Numerous environmental concerns and violations were discovered and are being investigated by the appropriate agencies. The investigation is on-going and agents anticipate arrests in the future.

Anyone with information for the Humboldt County Drug Task Force Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force Office at 707-444-8095

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  • Seven million divided by, let’s say 2,000 to be generous would be 3,500 pounds off a total of 4,900 plants some of which were ready to harvest. I think that is a bit optimistic. I would not mind if 7 million was their fine for the environmental crimes.

  • no wonder we have no water.

    • Don’t forget that California’s largest beef producer uses 270 billion gallons of water a year…in fact 47% of California’s water goes to animal agriculture per the Pacific Institute. The Center for Science in the Public Interest estimates that 15 trillion gallons of water are used in the production of animal products yearly. Yeah that’s a lot of pot to grow but it’s nothing compared to America’s massive water guzzling animal agriculture infrastructure.

  • Someone really thought these green houses could not be seen? This was asking for trouble.

    • Scenes of this size are a dime a dozen these days. The LEOs could bust scenes of this size every day for the rest of the summer and still not get them all. Keep up the good work LEOs!

  • Lets see…. 4,961 times 5 gallons of water per day per plant equals @ 25, 000 gallons per day. OR… 17 gallons per minute That’s a pretty good size stream. It isn’t exactly a fire hose, but about 3 garden hoses going full stream 24 hours a day. I’d hate to pay that water bill.
    Stay thirsty my friends…

    • Ernie, remember those are early season, light dep greenhouse plants: smaller, grown in beds or smaller plastic pots and more water efficient than full-sun, long season, outdoor plants. So the amount of water they are using is a fraction of your 5 gallons daily average. The inside of those greenhouses will look like a shaggy green carpet. That said, it IS an obscene amount of pot being grown there, when you consider they are capable of growing more than one crop per year.

      • When I did my full term outdoor in 3 foot pot’s it came out to just under 4 gallons per day. Without trying extra hard to trim off gallons wherever possible other than making sure they did not leak to the point of green grass growing under the pots.
        A few triple digit weeks will really put the hurt on plants as well.
        But I have heard greenhouses use less than full sun outdoor and indoor even less than all other techniques.
        Still trying to imagine keeping various delicate plants alive in Redway on a two day per week, no more than ten minutes of timer mandated water restriction in 90 to 100 plus weather.


    good god ya’ll …… looks like a great spot for a future homeless camp…. lots water. and shelter…. flat ground. dump sight already in place….. anyone know where this is? blocksburg is a big area…. lotsa 40 acre virgingowsights should open up soon…

  • Play BIG—Lose BIG $$$

  • green house yield is about , 1-2 pound per 4×4 , yea you can put up to 25 plants in that area 50 x 20 can yield per run 40-80 lb , using 200 gal of water every 2 days , ….

  • Yeesh. Things have changed over the last twenty years. When I was tromping all over that area with my ex for the power line clearance bid, we were careful to find property owners lest they think were up to no good, knew there were grows to be wary of, but… nowadays… I wonder how anybody lives through such an undertaking. I can see in one of those pictures the clearance is getting sketchy again and if no one’s brave enough to risk their lives to go make a bid, let alone do the work, winter power outages could get epic soon.

  • Yeah the copper thinks we are getting 4k, per pound, WRONG COPPER!

  • Hi kym luv your paper scew lost coast outpost yours is way better read it every day I think they should bust them for the environmental damage that grow is example of greed plain and simple hope they ream them hard ,but knowing or justice system probably nothing will happen

  • Why don’t they look up the landowner’s name at the courthouse (using APN) and simply ask – “Is this your grow?” It’s not rocket science to find culprits. Maybe a giant environmental fine would lead to the old-style property forfeits, seizures and auctions…

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