(UPDATED) Thunderstorm Near Willow Creek, Fire in Del Norte

A thunderstorm is developing near the Willow Creek area, and the National Weather Service is advising people not to drive if they see flooding. Here are some posts from their twitter page.

Additionally, a “lightning storm” made it’s way through Del Norte County last night, and multiple agencies reported at least one fire as a result of the lightning strikes.

Facebook post from the U.S. Forest Service – Six Rivers National Forest:

Last night’s lightning storm that blew through Del Norte County has sparked multiple wildfires on the Gasquet Ranger District/Smith River National Recreation Area. The largest of these fires is the Devil Fire, near Ship Mountain, off of Gordon Mountain Road. This wind-driven fire, currently 40 acres in size, is burning in mixed brush and heavy timber. Due to the potential for this fire to grow, four air tankers have been ordered. Smokejumpers, a helicopter and two crews are currently on-site.

Updates will be posted as additional information becomes available.

Tweets from Cal Fire:

UPDATE 6:32 P.M.: More Tweets. National Weather Service:

U.S. Forest Service – Six Rivers National Forest:

Lightning across the Six Rivers National Forest over the last 24 hours has started at least 15 wildfires.

At this time, there are 8 fires on the Gasquet Ranger District, the forest’s northernmost district; 1 fire on the Lower Trinity District, plus 2 fires near the border on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest; and 6 fires on the Mad River District, on the southern end of the forest.

The largest of these fires remains the Devil Fire; however, better estimates put the size at 10 acres. All of the other fires are less than 2 acres, including some single-tree fires.

Posted by U.S. Forest Service – Six Rivers National Forest on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cal Fire:

UPDATE 7:49 P.M.: Cal Fire:

UPDATE May 10 3:49 P.M.: 20 Confirmed Fires Ignited by Lightning Strikes

We will continue to update this post as more information becomes available.



  • Kym, thanks for the fire updates. I think that sooner or later this year we are ALL going to interested in fire updates. You got the jump on it. Maybe it is because I spent more than half my life playing with fire hoses, but I hang on this kind of info. Most firefighters have a sixth sense about fires and this year has the hair on my neck standing up.

  • There was SO much lightning last night it was just nuts. Almost like a cosmic strobe light. The thunder was so weakly and distant… while I was still awake… that I thought it was all out to sea. Then, when my driveway was dry when I got up today, I thought maybe it never hit.


    At least we have gotten much more rain than the rest of the state and maybe things aren’t dry enough yet for this to get out of hand. It’s muggy as heck down here right now, has been for a couple days, so I’m trying to will the dampness up Gasquet way.

  • Photo from yesterday evening, I heard thunder with minimal drops of rain. The night before the after dark I saw multiple lightning flashes over the course of about 30 min.

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