Ready to Run Outside and Take Photos? Blimp Headed North Along the Coast


A Shelter Cove resident, Autumn Hargrave, spotted a large blimp headed north about 1:30 p.m. today. Mendocino Sports Plus posted a video of the large flying machine over the southern coastline of the Emerald Triangle about 12:45 p.m this afternoon.

Anyone else catch a glimpse of the silver cigar in the sky today?



  • Mercy Me, Mabel!

    Spirit of America
    Arcata, CA
    June 9, 2015 (layover)

    I’ve been hearing a lot of activity in the air over my place here in Arcata (near the Community Forest) for the last hour or so (it’s 2:23pm) — was wondering if it was the vintage military aircraft overhead but now I’ve been hearing a very deep, slow growl that I suspect may be the Goodyear folks. Bummed, because it’s become overcast….

    • Mercy Me, Mabel!

      Making way for new NT fleet, Goodyear to retire GZ-20A airship in August 2015

      Carson, CA, May 13, 2015 – After nearly 13 years of soaring high above Southern California, the Goodyear blimp “Spirit of America” will be retired in August 2015—but not before it takes its final expedition. “Spirit of America” will embark on its farewell tour of the West Coast this summer, beginning June 2.

      The month-long journey will mark the airship’s first tour up the Pacific Coast in nearly a decade. Goodyear has planned six stops throughout California, Oregon and Washington. On the northbound route, the company will host a series of nine customer-focused passenger ride events for tire dealers, trucking fleets and original equipment customers. The trip will culminate in four days of aerial broadcast coverage provided to Fox Sports for the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay in University Place, Wash. June 18-21. The appearance at the premier U.S.G.A. event will be swiftly followed by another four days of aerial broadcasting with Fox Sports at the U.S. Senior Open at Del Paso Country Club in Sacramento, Calif. June 25-28.

      Key cities on the Goodyear blimp’s tour route include:

      Santa Maria, CA – June 2-June 5
      Livermore, CA – June 5-June 9
      Arcata, CA – June 9-June 10
      Eugene, OR – June 10-June 14
      Shelton, WA – June 14-June 22
      Sacramento, CA – June 24-June 28

      OPPORTUNITIES FOR MEDIA FLIGHTS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN SELECT LOCATIONS ON THE NORTHBOUND TRIP.* As the blimp flies overhead, a crew of more than 20 men and women will follow on the ground with a caravan of six vehicles traversing about 2,636 miles roundtrip on Goodyear tires.

      *Emphasis added: Maybe if you can jump in your car and get up here in time, you can use your press pass for a ride along?

  • about 40 yrs ago i was visiting my sister in her hospital room, she had just had a baby boy. she told me to quick look out the window! lo and behold, there was a blimp ambling by. that was the 1st time i saw a blimp, oh, and baby Lane, too.

    since then i’ve sighted a few blimps, never up here, but in the madison wi area.

    the are silent, not even a whisper have i heard when seeing one.

    re: old military craft.
    yesterday afternoon we saw some military plane flying low over loleta. it was not as silent as a whisper. i shooed it away. i have that power. lol

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