Photo of Man Found in Car Trunk Released, Do You Know Him?


Jose David Flores [Photo courtesy of Channel 7 news]

On Sunday, May 31, a Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy discovered near Santa Clarita the body of a Leggett man in the trunk of his illegally parked 2005 blue Honda Accord.

Though the cause of death has not been released, it is being investigated as suspicious. Authorities released the man’s photo and asked the public to contact them with any information at (323) 890-5500.

North Coast News (see more here) reports that owners of the Peg House have seen the man in their store but said he wasn’t well-known.

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    That’s not the face with the name that rang a bell. Still, the camera from the gas station by six flags should be reviewed, because spend enough time in Santa Clarita you;ll see many NoCal stopping for fuel at all hours and a rough crowd can be seen there 24/7. I’ve seen over 100 gangsters dancing in the parking lot at 3am on a weeknight, saw a mass grab and go from the store. Santa Clarita is a nice place to stay that is just outside LA, with easy access to downtown and East LA, and is a decent place to crash on a trip down before heading into the city.

    • Just don’t stop for gas!


        No doubt, because a credit card is turned off as soon as it slides into the gas pump. There are some decent places to stay there from which one can’t help but to notice the goings on. It’s the first place after Grapevine and seems “safe” because six flags is there. One can also hit the Home Depot that is close by and avoid getting the humboldt hammer by not shopping”local”. The Greek food place nearby is awesome, best I’ve had since Toronto. The area is great for egress and stocking supplies that aren’t inflated by scammer triangle businesses, and has the cheapest gas before Grapevine, a tank takes you into Central Valley where you can hit a T&A ( it’s travel america now, but old truckers still refer to it as tits and ass ).
        Hope the LA cops aren’t too “busy” to investigate this, but there are prolly 9 of these a day down there in one form or another.

  • If he has PO Box then the post office will have (by law, must have) a physical address. My guess is Rock Creek.

  • This what happens when folks know you got pounds in the trunk

  • Oh man……how freaking sad – young guy, looks like a happy person, whole life to look forward to – I hate to beat a dead horse, but it’s possible weed WAS involved, and if so, it’s another case where legalization would lessen the incidence of this kind of thing…
    I don’t know – but there’s been so much unnecessary slaughter due to the “war on drugs”…look at Mexico, for instance, and weep.
    We’re seeing a renaissance in psychedelic research and reform of controlled substances laws….I’m praying that a sane approach to drugs in general will defang the cartels and reduce the violence…..hopefully repeal of some laws will also make it easier for people to ask for help.
    We’ve been lucky here – so far….we’ve been spared the kind of daily slaughter like that in Latin America. But for the friends and family of this young man it’s too little too late.
    Be careful out there folks, whatever your job, whatever your “drug of choice”. Desperate people do desperate things…..we need to take care of each other as best we can….we’re all we’ve got. Cheers…..



    was he from NJ?

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