Close Encounter With a Bear

Bear 2015 0032

Encounters with a bear are reminders that the North Coast is still very wild.  This photo, taken with a telephoto lens, by Former Supervisor Jill Duffy shows a bear only 35 feet from the camera.

Too close for comfort. Just right for a photo.




  • I usually just see a big bear butt disappearing into the woods when they’re that close and I never seem to have the camera out.

  • My kid makes the BEST bear pot roast! lol

  • Oh…clarification. I was 35′ above on our deck and 50-60′ distance from this fellow. The close up is courtesy of a 400 mm lens. Please. Do not get close to wild creatures.

    Love seeing these guys meandering through the pasture.

  • Wrong Forum probably. However; I didn’t see any coverage of the Ocean Day event on the South Spit. It was a great opportunity for kids on the North coast to get out of the classroom and possibly become aware of the environment and their impact upon it. There was no ulterior agenda. I believe these kids benefitted from their outdoor experience. Their parents will influence political ideas about conservation versus preservation. Let the kids be kids doing something besides looking at their phones. The 2 old school cowboys protesting should appreciate that opportunity. Don’t disdain it Dennis. You’re a smart man. Your sidekick, uri,………….?…

  • I know some will not agree, but large Black Bears account for almost every Bigfoot sighting there is.

  • This is exactly as it went down lol

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