Leggett Man Found Dead in Trunk of Car

Patch_of_the_Los_Angeles_County_Sheriff's_DepartmentOn Sunday morning a man was discovered dead in the trunk of a 2005 blue Honda Accord near Santa Clarita not far from Los Angeles. Earlier today, the deceased was identified as twenty-eight year old Jose David Flores of Leggett in northern Mendocino.

According to Santa Clarita Valley News’ Signal,

“We have identified Flores as the owner of the vehicle who was found dead in the trunk,” Lt. Steven Jauch of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s Homicide Bureau told The Signal Tuesday morning.

“A cause of death has yet to be determined,” he said. “Right now we’re going to be calling it a suspicious death.”

  • Laytonville Rock



    How does this name ring a bell? Did he rent in Eureka or Hayfork back in ’07-08 ish, or has he made the news before?

    It saddens me to think of a person’s last moments on the planet being like that. There never has been a respect for human life, but in our current social structure it doesn’t seem to even exist.

    Prayers for his family to find peace, Prayers for David that he found God.

  • This name rings a bell with me also . Kym, any history on this guy?

  • …….and do you really believe these thinly veiled drug related murders will just disappear with legalization? We will see.

  • Flash some cash and people do some weired shit to one another, including murder,…

  • Baseball player


      Did he play baseball or is there one that shares the same name that is pro or something?

      Santa Clarita is a pretty nice area, save the gas station by six flags. Don’t use your credit card at the pump there because it will be turned off and you’ll have to call the bank. That gas station camera footage should be checked, because there is always a rough crowd there at all hours.

  • It’s funny how they day he’s from Leggett ca, but yet all of us that have read this that are from the town don’t even know who this guy is. And Leggett is a very small tight knit community with about 500 people in it. Every one knows every one

    • I wonder if he is from Leggett North Carolina or Leggett Texas. He may have a PO Box here in Leggett CA but lives somewhere else? Or, he did at one time and never changed his driver’s license?

    • Flores sounds Hispanic. And their are a lot of Hispanic growing illegally in mass quantities, it’s not uncommon to have a Hispanic immigrant around those parts of Northern California. I am not surprised nobody knows who this is. The Mexican mafia probably did this. And a lot of people deal with other drugs and weapons besides While dealing with Cannabis, and that makes it even more high risk.

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  • People get robbed of their “legal” belongings all the time. “Legalization ” won’t stop perps from victimizing people.

  • Look up Emerald Triangle News June 5th 2015
    There is a photo of the man and the story.

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