Have You Seen This At-Risk Person?

This is a press release from the Arcata Police Department:

ArcataOn 6/1/15 Arcata Police Department took a report of a missing person who left Mad River Community Hospital after being placed on a mental health hold.  The missing person, Christopher Lester, 46 years old of Trinidad, CA was last seen wearing a hospital gown and no shoes on.  He was last seen in the area of Ribeiro Ct in Arcata.

Christopher Lester is described as a white male adult 6 feet tall 185 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.
Christopher Lester in not believed to be a danger to others, however, had been having delusions and hearing voices.
If anybody sees Lester, please call the Arcata Police Department.

The Lost Coast Outpost has a photo of the person.



  • Wow I did not know that MRCH had a mental health ward. If he was being held then who was doing the holding?

    • PsychTraumaTxist

      A hospital does not need to have a separate psychiatric ward to keep someone on a 5150 or other involuntary hold. Should need ever arise and you have any say in the matter, I’d suggest the nearest hospital over a county facility any time, EVERY time.

      • I’m just curious, if you had a serious, mental health issue to deal with, would you go to an ER and wait possibly hours in a bright, loud, chaotic environment, or go to Semper Virens where you would probably be seen immediately by a psychiatrist or mental health nurse? I thought SV was the right answer, if not seriously tell me why, this is an issue I could run into.

  • Oh, man. I hope he’ll be okay. By far the vast majority of psychotic people are NOT dangerous to others, but the general fear of them in the public, and the fear they feel from their situation, makes this a scary situation. Cops are not well known for their ability to deal with mental health cases.

    If somebody finds him first, the best thing to do is to talk to him in even tones and try to convince him it’s best to go back to the hospital, that he’s not safe if he doesn’t go back. A 5150 is only three days and maybe offer to help him get in front of a judge if he can’t take being held in hospital. Almost every time you can convince them if you are patient and repeat yourself.

    Truly. It’s better if someone finds him and talks him into going back on his own. He’ll need a ride. It’s doable. Please.

  • Cant tell If I seen him, there’s not a picture here to see so,…

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