‘Drug Manufacturing’ Explosion in Cutten

Humboldt Bay Fire battalion chief walks away from the damage from today's explosion.

Humboldt Bay Fire battalion chief Kent Hulbert walks away from the damage from today’s explosion.

Humboldt Bay Fire was sent to a report of an explosion near the 2300 block of Redwood Street and 3900 block of Cedar Street in Cutten at 10:08 a.m today.

“It was an explosion in a 20 by 20 outbuilding,” Humboldt Bay Fire battalion chief Kent Hulbert said. “It appears that there was some sort of drug manufacturing going on.”

Hulbert said witnesses reported seeing someone running away from the explosion after it happened, but they have been unable to locate the suspect. There were “no reported injuries,” but Hulbert said he suspects the person running away may have been injured. When Humboldt Bay Fire arrived they found minimal smoke and some flames.

Hulbert said, “It’s under investigation.”

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UPDATE 8:46 P.M.: Explosion Caused by ‘Concentrated Marijuana’ Manufacturing, Says HBF




  • Gee, marijuana never hurt nobody.

    Yeah right. I bet this has a hash lab making honey oil.

    I have a bridge for sale. Want to buy a bridge?

    • Yeah, or somebody who doesn’t want to die of chemo and screwed up making his/her batch of Phoenix Tears. Or even somebody cooking something else entirely. Seems to me you’re really stretching to make pot seem harmful.

  • Daily Walker- pharmaceuticals have helped many and have also killed many.
    should we judge all makers of pharma by the actions of others in their field?
    How would you propose fixing the situation?
    Through sarcasm?
    Does anyone think marijuana or any drug will ever go away?
    Do you see how crazy some of these street drugs are getting to be?
    A “war on drugs” is causing this,IMO.
    How about treating drug use/ chemical dependency as a health issue instead of a criminal one, then if they commit a crime, the justice system gets involved?

  • The marijuana isn’t turning itself into hash oil & blowing somebody to smithereens.
    That would be an idiot, greedy amateur chemist that did that to himself….

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