KMUD’s Going Live With Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom at the Cannabis Confab

Purple Rain

The Lt. Governor is coming to Humboldt to talk cannabis.

Hey, want to know why the Lt. Governor is coming to little ole Garberville on Friday to talk cannabis policy? Maybe you’d like to show up and find out but, hey, it’s spring and you’re too busy to show up.

Never fear, KMUD will be broadcasting the event live. They’ll be partnering with KZYX to share the event live in Mendocino, too. Newsome, a candidate for governor in 2018 is being hosted by Congressman Jared Huffman at the Redwood Play House on Sprowl Creek Road in Garberville at 1 p.m.
Representatives of local government, law enforcement, environmentalists, and, of course, marijuana activists will discuss what post legalization should look like.

And, KMUD will be carrying the whole thing live. You can listen and work in the garden at the same time.

Of course, showing up could be interesting. Southern Humboldt could be at its most colorful. We’ll be there with our camera and we’ll write about it here.

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