In a Press Release Today, Family States Missing Woman’s Skull Positively Identified, Urges Search for Second Woman Continue


Montage of photos from Danielle’s life plus photo of the t-shirt acknowledging those who searched for her.

Yesterday, Billie Jo Dick, the mother of Danielle Bertolini, announced on a Facebook page devoted to finding her daughter and Sheila Franks who both went missing at the same time, that a skull found in March has been identified as Danielle. Today, she and the rest of the family speak about Danielle and urge the continued search for Sheila Franks in a press release found below.

In addition, a Maine media outlet has posted a poignant video interview with Ms. Dick.

Press release provided by the family of Danielle Bertolini:

On 5-27-15 the mother (Billie Jo Dick) of Danielle Bertolini was notified by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office that the skull found in the Eel River on March 9, 2015 near Ferndale was positively identified as that of her daughter. The coroner is expected to do a press release to formally confirm this information soon.

Danielle who is from Bangor, Maine came out to California in 2013 with hopes of beginning a new life after the loss of her infant son. After she had not contacted her family as she did on a daily basis, a missing person’s report was filed on her behalf in Humboldt County on 2-19-14. Danielle’s family immediately flew out from Maine and joined her father, Jon Bertolini who lives in Oregon to search for their daughter. They were accompanied by Deemi Search and Rescue out of Maine. (Billie Jo Dick is a volunteer for the organization.)
Search efforts immediately brought them to an item belonging to Danielle. This item led them to believe Danielle had been murdered. Danielle’s family along with the rest of the search team, was quickly became known as Nellie’s Army. Billie Jo posted messages on her Facebook every single day promising to her daughter that Nellie’s Army would find her.

Soon after that they had found out that Sheila Franks had gone missing from the same area just a week before. They made contact with Sheila’s family. They quickly learned both girls were last seen by the same man though Danielle and Sheila had not known one another.

In January 2015, a Facebook page was created bringing the two girls together to raise awareness to the fact both cases were tied together.

Billie Jo Dick stated from her home in Bangor, Maine today that they are completely devastated by the confirmation their daughter is deceased. The words from the detective had been expected to be heard at some point. It is just final now. How do you live to see your daughter die at the age of 23?

Billie Jo also wanted to thank everyone that has helped in finding Danielle. She also wanted to let everyone know it is extremely important that we continue together in seeking justice for Danielle and Sheila. It is imperative we find Sheila Franks. We will continue with Nellie’s Army until Sheila Franks is found and justice is served!

Please continue to search for Sheila Franks. We will not give up until she is found.
Danielle is pre-deceased by her infant son “Xavier David Brooks.” She is survived by her mother Billie Jo Dick and step-father Shannon Dick, her father Jon Bertolini and his wife Tracy, her little sister Mariah Bertolini and little brother Tristen Brooks , nephew Eli Richcreek, Grandparents Clarence and Ruthie Smith, grandfather John Brooks grandmother Teri Budd ,grandfather Lorimer Bertolini and his wife April, aunts Laura Franks and Lorrell Malotte, Uncle Chris Bertolini and his wife Teresa.

There has been a GoFundMe account set up to help Billie Jo and her family who live in Bangor, Maine. They will be traveling between Maine and California to bring Danielle back to her hometown for a proper burial. We need help covering those costs. Along with travel expenses, when the person of interest is charged with her murder and goes to trial more expenses will incur flying back and forth.

This is any family’s worst nightmare, to lose a daughter at the age of 23 at the hands of someone else. We are asking all of you to please help by donating. Any amount will help.

Contacts:Nellie’s Army

Richard Bowie –207-866-2109

Deemie Search and Resuce

PO Box 268 Orono, ME 04473

Julie Jones Vk9 Scent Specific Search and Recovery

Missing Person Advocates


Brenda Condon (858)-212-7503


Trudy Nickens (530)-776-7174


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  • This is so very sad, Humboldt may seem inviting, but reality is that there’s a lot of human scum around and the beauty of the wide open woods is always underlined by felons seeking refuge of desolate hills and off grid grow jobs, and let’s not mention landowners that believe to be God.
    Never do I recommend to anyone to move here because fact is that besides the pot industry there isn’t much up here besides mentally ill transients that are high on meth.
    You literally are risking your life coming up here as proven in the above case.
    You hippi dippi folk might argue that but you are also living in your own potsmoke bubble.
    Let’s find the scumbag that did this !!

    • Wow I have lived here all my life Only in the last 15 years has it gotten real bad and yes there are things to do here you just have to be a motivated person …thanks to the drug industry it is bad not pot hard drugs …. If your Smart about what you do you can be safe ….

  • Rest in Peace Danielle. May you find peace and be reunited with your son . My condolences to the family and loved ones.

  • So who is this mysterious dude they were both seen last with?

  • And… 🙁

    She might not have felt able to keep living after losing her son….

    RIP beautiful girl.

  • I’m so very sorry for your praying that this doesn’t happen anymore,but the reality is breaking my heart!!we are having alot of bad things happening here,like never before.dont ever,ever let your guard down,pay attention to your surroundings and be safe.God Bless you’ll be home soon Danielle

  • Rest in peace young lady.

  • Humboldt, unfortunately, has a bad track record for catching multiple/serial killers, ie Wayne Adam Ford. I hope the families raise enough money to have a private investigator to help with finding the person who did this horrible act, and to find the remaining missing woman. Prayers to the families.

  • I’m glad they found her so that her family can at least have a little bit of closure
    but I’m sure sorry that the outcome turned out the way it did.
    RIP Danielle. Condolences to her family.

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